Event-driven orchestration

Automate identity security processes using a simple drag-and-drop interface for faster workflow setup. It’s the easiest route to security and compliance confidence.


Unlock business agility with robust workflows

Automate simple and complex identity processes through configurable workflows & forms when changes happen and avoid the need for manual intervention. Quickly create, update, remove, and replicate identity-related workflows for event-driven certifications, custom approvals, and joiner, mover and leaver scenarios to strengthen security at enterprise scale.

Use Cases

Unburden your team from unproductive, manual tasks

SailPoint SaaS Workflows deliver near-limitless possibilities for identity process automation. Build workflows to tackle your most challenging and repetitive use cases.

Manage identity lifecycle

Automate the onboarding, moving or termination of any user type with custom workflows. Grant birthright access to speed a new employee and third-party worker’s productivity. Provision and deprovision access based on lifecycle events for compliance and reduced risk.

Streamline processes with automated notifications

Help users expedite tasks within your identity security framework with automated email notifications. Send notifications on aggregation failure. Alert users when a certification campaign is reaching its expiration. Create a smooth tempo of jobs with automated workflows.

Accelerate your risk mitigation processes

Automated workflows are available to guide you to make the right access decision with the click of a few buttons. You have the proof you need to either keep, revoke or investigate the access further, based on the risk parameters you’ve set for your organisation.


Start your identity security journey today

SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organisations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach.


Centralise & unify your
identity security

Build your foundation of identity security


Automate & optimise with AI, in

Extend your identity security

Business Plus

Mitigate risk & simplify processes
with advanced intelligence

Accelerate growth and transformation

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