Non-Employee Risk Management

Implement comprehensive risk-based identity access strategies for all third-party non-employees (contractors, partners, vendors, etc.), and manage their lifecycles securely.


Extended identity security for non-employees

SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management enables your organization to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for third-party non-employees. Increase operational efficiency while managing the complex relationships that your organization has with non-employees in an easy-to-use solution that simultaneously helps facilitate commercial initiatives, supports regulatory compliance, and reduces third-party risk.

Use Cases

Strengthen security & eliminate inefficient processes

Extend advanced identity security controls so you have the same visibility with non-employees as you do employees.

Improve non-employee onboarding experience

Enable seamless collaboration between internal and external parties using flexible workflows and customisable forms for streamlined processes.

Unlock security & scalability

Replace risky, limiting homegrown access control systems to empower growth and data integrity while increasing third-party security.

End-to-end non-employee identity governance

Effortlessly streamline compliance and lifecycle management for non-employees with a schema-less tool that aligns to your business processes.


Start your identity security journey today

SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organisations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach.


Centralise & unify your
identity security

Build your foundation of identity security


Automate & optimise with AI, in

Extend your identity security

Business Plus

Mitigate risk & simplify processes
with advanced intelligence

Accelerate growth and transformation

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