Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Extend identity security to cloud infrastructure and govern cloud entitlements


Automated IaaS governance for multi-cloud environments

SailPoint Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (SailPoint CIEM) extends identity security to cloud infrastructure. CIEM enhances identity security by resolving entitlements to what cloud resource(s) and what actions (read/write/admin) on cloud resources the entitlement provides. Enterprises can meaningfully secure cloud infrastructure access as they do in using SailPoint identity security to manage access to other applications and data.

Use Cases

Extend identity security to cloud infrastructure

Govern and manage multi-cloud infrastructure with a single approach. Apply clearly defined policies and automate the lifecycle management of IaaS access.

Discover access across complex IaaS environments

Get a graphical view of identity to cloud resources from their entitlements across all IaaS environments.

Automate cloud access

Use lifecycle management to ensure cloud access is achieved and removed appropriately.

Report and audit cloud infrastructure access

Create cloud certification campaigns and generate reports to support compliance reporting.


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SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organisations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach.


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