Mitigate cyber risk

Truly mitigate cyber risk with identity security

Strong security risk posture starts with securing every identity with access to your organisation and its assets


Don’t ignore a root cause of cyber risk. Protect identities now.

It takes just one compromised identity to enable a breach that can cost an enterprise tens to even hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue and regulatory fines. This is why organisations must put proper access controls in place to protect against such an event – but where do you begin?

Start by implementing an identity security solution that can spot risky users and access outliers with the power of artificial intelligence. AI plays a significant role in strengthening security by helping organisations detect and remediate vulnerabilities – while also improving IT efficiencies.

  • Automate access to reduce over-provisioning or back door access by former workers and third-party non-employees
  • Enforce least privilege using roles and policy logic to deliver timely access
  • Easily detect and remediate excess or inappropriate access privileges
  • Resolve policy violations such as separation-of-duty (SoD)
  • Increase visibility and control of potential access risks
  • Monitor continuously as risks are dynamic and always evolving


Give workers the access they need to succeed

Protect against cyber threats

Discover, manage, and secure ALL user access including employee, non-employee, and machine identities.

Eliminate manual

Minimise security risks by automating identity processes and decisions such as access requests, role modelling, and access certifications.

Discover risky behavior sooner

Detect and prevent toxic access combinations that could lead to fraud or data theft.

Implement strategies for mitigating and reducing
risk more effectively

Minimise the window of opportunity for threat actors to create exploits. Centrally manage and control identity access to all data, applications, systems, and cloud infrastructure across your hybrid infrastructure.

Intelligent protection that goes beyond
human capacity

Use AI and ML technology to deliver the right access to the right users from onboarding throughout a user’s lifecycle. AI also makes it easier to identify risks, monitor behaviors and
refine roles.

Build a more resilient organisation

Detect and identify risks at scale, allowing you to manage users, requests, entitlements, and access certifications at high volumes.

Customer Stories

Leading companies count on SailPoint for Identity Security

quote The more that we can minimise and control that user access and automate it, the better we can authenticate our users with more certainty and better manage that risk.

Aaron Finnis, Information Security Manager at Beach Energy


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