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Ensure quick, secure user access for all identities 

Modernize your IT with intelligent identity security. Give faculty, staff, and students quick, secure access to applications and files while protecting sensitive data.


Empower students and staff with easy access

Faculty, staff, and students need quick and easy access to applications and data. At the same time, higher education institutions must safeguard personal information and comply with regulations like the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Higher education institutions have complex user populations where a single staff member may have multiple affiliations. This complexity cannot be safely managed manually.

SailPoint’s intelligent AI-driven identity security reduces cyber risk with automated access as someone joins, changes roles, or leaves and enables convenient fast self-service access requests and password resets.

With SailPoint, colleges and universities can control user access to data with an easy-to-use dashboard, ensuring that programmed policies are applied automatically across the institution — even when resources are limited.

  • Quickly enable faculty, staff, and students with the right access
  • Improve user satisfaction with quick self-service password reset 
  • Save IT time by automating provisioning and deprovisioning 
  • Be audit ready and achieve compliance with automated reporting 
  • Identify potential risks with AI insights to prevent costly breaches


Automating new user access from 14 hours to 2.5 minutes1


of SailPoint customers recommend our product2


requests filled automatically3


Facilitate secure user access

Boost user satisfaction with fast access

Empower staff and students to complete tasks themselves with self-service access requests and password resets.  

Reduce IT burden and cost

Automate time-intensive provisioning and deprovisioning. Spend less time managing your identity program so you can focus on other competing priorities. 

Improve compliance and audit performance

Stay compliant with regulations including FERPA, GDPR, and CCPA and improve audit performance with automated policies that review access rights.

Reduce risk of data breaches

Prevent risk from overprovisioning and turn vast amounts of identity data into actionable insights so you can spot potential risks faster.

Increase visibility into students, employees, and contractors 

Get a 360 degree view into user populations with diverse identities including applicants, students, alumni, faculty, staff and non-employee contractors. 

Secure identities with multiple affiliations

Manage access with multiple authoritative sources within complex higher education user populations. Secure individuals with one-to-many roles such as student, staff, and volunteer.

Seamlessly connect applications

Integrate credentialing, HR, ERP, learning management, and other applications to create an identity security ecosystem. 

Customer Stories

SailPoint is the foundation for the future

quote With IdentityNow, we now have a solution that also is harmonious with our cloud-first strategy.

Kim Valois, CISO at Flinders University


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Start your identity security journey with tailored configurations


Simplify your approach to Identity Security with all of the AI-based essentials in a single solution.

Business Plus

Take Identity Security to the next level with our most comprehensive AI-powered solution.

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  2. Gartner Peer Insights, SailPoint Identity Platform Ratings
  3. Based on public SailPoint customer success stories

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