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Enable & enhance your clinicians’ experience

Reduce IT burden and increase efficiencies within your hospital or healthcare identity management program through AI-driven identity security.

The state of identity security 2023: a spotlight on healthcare

Healthcare is rapidly evolving, facing persistent threats, and spending too much time on manually governing identities. See our key findings from our recent white paper.


Modernize your healthcare identity security program

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are struggling to quickly enable their staff while securing against targeted cyber attacks.

Organizations need to find ways to reduce their risk and simplify meeting complex compliance requirements. Healthcare identity management is no small task and cannot be handled through manual processes. Healthcare is uniquely challenged with securing individuals with one-to-many roles with multiple authoritative sources within complex user populations.

However, healthcare organizations can increase their security posture and gain operational efficiencies through AI-driven identity security.

  • Assign only the right level of access
  • Prevent friction between clinicians and IT security staff
  • Reduce IT burden managing manual tasks
  • Simplify audit readiness and easily demonstrate compliance


of healthcare organizations have faced a breach in the last 2 years1


of those who have faced a breach report operational downtime1


of IT time is spent on managing access & permissions1


Quickly & securely grant access

Rapidly provision access

Securely enable clinicians and staff to be productive from Day 1.

Reduce IT burden & increase efficiencies

Reduce the strain on IT by automating manual processes. Efficiently onboard and offboard staff through automation and machine learning.

Govern non-employee access

Track affiliated physicians, travel nurses and other users’ access and activity. Govern the right level of access for the right amount of time.

Reduce risk & demonstrate strong identity security controls

Ensure Zero Trust with least privileged access. Protect sensitive ePHI data and prevent disruption to patient care. SailPoint’s platform affords you the flexibility to align to various frameworks such as NIST and HITRUST and easily meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, and others.

Simplify audit readiness

Replace manual processes and the cost of compliance by automatically generating audit trails and access reports on all key applications and data.

Seamlessly connect your EHR & other applications

Integrate EHR, credentialing, HR, ERP, learning management, and other applications to accomplish an identity security ecosystem.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Accommodate an expanding organization, M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), or shifts to the cloud by confidently managing and governing all digital identities, accounts, assigned entitlements, and applications.


Seamlessly connect to healthcare applications

Create a more secure environment for health records and alleviate highly manual and complex EHR provisioning efforts.


Learn how to automate Epic EMP (Employees) and Epic SER (Schedulable Epic Resource) provisioning.


Allow consistent enforcement of access and corporate compliance policies across Cerner EHR.


Provide deep integration to govern identities with management of Accounts and Roles.

Customer Stories

SailPoint helps Teachers Health

quote SailPoint is great at what it does. The foundation – lifecycle management and certifications – that is the bread and butter for SailPoint. This is where the power lies.

Sahij Singh, Information Security & Compliance Officer, Teachers Health


Expand your identity security expertise

Empower workers with the right access from Day 1

Seamlessly grant, modify or revoke access as users join, change roles or leave your organisation.

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The state of Identity in Australia & New Zealand

A comprehensive study, of 565 Australian and New Zealand professionals from a broad range of industry sectors participated in the research.

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Frequently asked questions

Data security is complex, and knowing where to start can be a challenge when you’re investing in a product or solution. We’re here to help. Find answers to common questions below.

Identity Security for healthcare is the discovery, management, and governance of employee and non-employee entitlements and data access.

SailPoint has connectors and integrations to hundreds of different applications and IT resources.

Because Zero Trust relies on the identity of the user, securing identities and making sure access is appropriate all the time is critical.

HHS 405(d) is a publication that was produced to provide the health care sector an initial blueprint on ways to cost effectively help mitigate cybersecurity risks within small, medium and large organizations. It contains a targeted set of applicable & voluntary guidance. Learn more here

The HITRUST Approach is built upon the comprehensive and scalable HITRUST CSF framework, which helps organizations of all sizes implement and enhance information risk management and compliance programs. Learn more here

  1. The State of Identity Security 2023: A Spotlight on Healthcare

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