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With SailPoint identity security, industries can automate access, ensure continuous compliance, and reduce IT burden. From government and education to financial services and healthcare, our solutions are designed for stringent, complex, regulated environments.

Secure your enterprise and empower your workforce

Industries face multiple challenges including increased cyber threats, cost constraints, and the need to quickly and securely enable their workforce. But addressing these challenges today has moved beyond human capacity. Luckily SailPoint can help.

SailPoint identity security delivers the right access to applications, systems, and data, to the right identities, at the right time. Built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, SailPoint’s AI-driven automation saves time and money and helps to mitigate cyber risk while ensuring continuous compliance to keep you audit-ready.

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Hospitals and healthcare organizations are struggling to quickly enable their staff while securing against targeted cyber attacks.

Organizations need to find ways to reduce their risk and simplify meeting complex compliance requirements. Healthcare identity management is no small task and cannot be handled through manual processes.

Financial services

Leverage AI-driven identity security to prevent costly breaches, reduce manual tasks, and simplify audit readiness within your bank or financial institution.

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a government building in the united states


Meet and exceed your agency’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) objectives by improving visibility and securing access to government data no matter where it lives.


Advance your manufacturing technologies with confidence through intelligent identity security. Control access for human, non-human, and third-parties.

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Higher education

Modernize your IT with intelligent identity security. Give faculty, staff, and students quick, secure access to applications and files while protecting sensitive data.

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