Improve IT Efficiency

Transform IT with AI-Driven Identity Security

Empower and elevate your IT efforts by automating repetitive access tasks and using AI to detect potential threats.


Save IT time.
Reduce risk.
Optimise your efforts.

As the number of skilled IT resources shrinks and the volume of cyberattacks increases, IT departments are tapped out. Between responding to critical threats and performing everyday maintenance, IT professionals are asked to do too many things. That’s where AI comes in. Automating low-risk functions focuses expert attention on the big problems and on accelerating the business. 

SailPoint uses AI and ML to automate routine Identity Security tasks such as access requests, access certification and password management to reduce the burden on scarce IT resources and improve overall efficiencies.

  • Improve IT productivity.
  • Reduce complexity and human error.
  • Minimise helpdesk calls.
  • Accelerate detection and response.
  • Minimise risk by increasing effectiveness.


Elevate your IT team with AI and ML

Automate low-risk tasks

Use the power of AI to work smarter and streamline common access tasks.

Reduce IT costs

Capitalise on average cost reductions of 12-15% enabled by automation. 1

Increase effectiveness

Reduce the workload for cyber analysts by decreasing the time required to manually sift through data logs.

*1 Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence The new frontier in digital security, Gapgemini.

Automate provisioning

Quickly onboard new employees by providing the tools and access they need on Day 1. Automatically and transparently modify access as users change roles in the organisation.

Enable self-service

Empower your people to reset passwords and request access to the tools they need, when they need them without burdening IT. Minimise helpdesk calls and time spent on tickets.

Build low-code workflows

Create workflows tailored to your business without coding burden. Use APIs and event triggers to automate processes, manage the user lifecycle and comply with regulatory requirements.

Customer Stories

See how SailPoint customers optimise their IT efforts

quote SailPoint is great at what it does. The foundation – lifecycle management and certifications – that is the bread and butter for SailPoint. This is where the power lies.

Sahij Singh, Information Security & Compliance Officer, Teachers Health


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Empower workers with the right access from Day 1

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