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Low-code SaaS Workflows

Make Automating Identity Security Processes a Breeze

Automate Identity Security processes using a simple drag-and-drop interface for faster workflow set-up. It’s the easiest route to security and compliance confidence.


Extend Identity Security across your enterprise with ease

Streamline identity governance and administration processes using adaptable workflows. Automate complex tasks that would normally require manual intervention. And build zero trust practices into your day-to-day operations to save time and money.

  • Automate event-driven certifications, custom approvals, and joiner, mover and leaver scenarios
  • Quickly create, update, remove, and replicate identity-related workflows
  • Strengthen security by automating protections at enterprise scale


Streamline your most complex identity tasks

SailPoint SaaS Workflows can help you reduce integration development from months to a day or even hours. Our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workflow UI simplifies automation and makes it possible for even non-technical users to customise workflows to fit business needs.

  • Build tailored, low-code workflows
  • Ensure continuous compliance with automated workflows
  • Connect and create actionable workflows across business processes, applications, and systems
  • Securely managing identities faster than manual approaches
  • Simplify responding to employee transitions with automated access reviews and role adjustments
  • Keep pace with the growing digital ecosystem of identities, apps, and data

Use Cases

SaaS Workflows: supercharge your automation and orchestration journey

SailPoint SaaS Workflows deliver near-limitless possibilities for identity process automation. Build workflows to tackle your most challenging and repetitive use cases.

Manage identity lifecycle

Automate the onboarding, moving or termination of a user with custom workflows. Grant birthright access to speed a new employee’s productivity. Provision, deprovision access based on lifecycle events for reduced risk and compliance.

Streamline processes with automated notifications

Help users expedite tasks within your identity security framework with automated email notifications. Send notifications on aggregation failure. Alert users when a certification campaign is reaching its expiration. Create a smooth tempo of jobs with automated workflows.

Automate the termination of third-party workers

Automate the termination of your contingent workforce with SailPoint’s simple drag-and drop interface. Maintain compliance by time-binding user access. Automate non-employee risk management activities through easy to set up workflows


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