A smarter way to discover, manage, & secure identities

MySailPoint is your identity security command centre that enables you to control what data you see, how you view it, and gives you the ability to take action on that data. Get personalised, high-level insights that save you time and help secure your organisation.


Actionable insights through a simplified experience

MySailPoint is a configurable homepage experience designed to simplify the complexity of identity security. It provides clear visibility around what’s happening in your identity governance program to help guide your priorities and accelerate day-to-day actions, giving you a completely personalised, role-based experience. 


Surface the identity insights you need

MySailPoint makes it easy and intuitive for users to manage identities and find the information they need quickly. 

  • Streamlined and centralised identity access data within SailPoint’s identity security platform. 
  • Drag/drop functionality for customisation gives users the ability to manage the way their homepage is arranged. 
  • Visibility into certification campaigns to see more details, reassign, and/or notify reviewers.
  • Ability to derive cross-product insights.
  • Save time by not having to search for hours for the information you need. 

Use Cases

Simplify the way you manage access. 

MySailPoint is customisable to your needs and surfaces the identity data you need to manage and secure identities faster than ever. The days of navigating multiple interfaces for critical metrics are over.  

Certification campaign visibility 

Gain visibility into the most important certification campaign metrics you need to take action on immediately. Speed up the process of certifications and reduce the risk of unauthorised access. 

Real-time awareness of alerts & errors 

Prioritise alerts and errors that are happening on identities, sources, and source aggregations and go directly into those errors to determine the root cause for rapid remediation so potentially harmful issues get addressed fast. 

Visibility into your unstructured data  

If you have deployed Data Access Security in your environment, you will see if you have risky accounts – allowing you to take swift action on access violations and other potentially risky items.  

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