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Leading with Intention: Innovation

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life. When I co-founded SailPoint 15 years ago, we were a startup where it felt like change happened every minute of every hour. To meet change head on, along with its challenges that tag along like younger siblings, innovation was the answer.   Innovation is what we […]

How The Stress Test That Is 2020 Taught Me To Lead with Intention

The events of 2020 have thus far proven to be a forcing function for change. Call it what you will – unprecedented times, a period of reckoning or extraordinary new beginnings – but none of what we’ve seen as a culture this year can be ignored. Some of that change […]

在已經 (幾乎) 完全沒有隱私的情況下領導企業

現如今,隱私幾乎蕩然無存。 事實是,這是我們咎由自取。 當下流行的「自拍文化」,讓我們毫無隱私可言。 過度分享日常細節已經成為現今生活方式的一大弊病,而這不只是 […]


不,資料外洩實際上並沒有消失。 沒錯,它們仍然在發生之中,情況仍然很糟糕,仍然是一個大問題。 但是,我已經厭倦一直聽到這個消息。 我們能夠擺脫厄運與憂鬱,讓自己專注於正面的事情嗎? 我的意思是, 每個組織都有 […]

並不是只有樂趣和津貼: 公司文化的真正含義

What is culture? In tech, we often find ourselves re-hashing the same old topics of foosball tables and free beer, or the “upgraded” perks of onsite chefs and free massages when it comes to talking about company culture. After all, from everything we read, great company culture is no longer […]


In tech, the work is never done. Just when you have launched a great new update to your product or ventured into a new market, you’re already knee-deep in whatever comes next, whether it’s another version of your product or something brand new. Layer on a set of industry challenges […]

The CEO Book Club: Back to Basics

Now and then I like to share what I’m reading. In my past lists, I’ve shared books on business success and building great teams. This time, I’m getting back to basics with some more introspective reads that help with personal growth and performance. Essentialism – Greg McKeown The point of […]

3 Challenges Facing Enterprises Today

Hear from our CEO, Mark McClain, on the challenges facing enterprises today. Learn how technology is changing the face of security, and how identity governance can help protect what’s important to your organization.

身分: 現今企業的信任來源

I talk about identity day-in and day-out with our employees, customers, partners and investors, so it’s easy to fall into the common tech industry habit of seemingly endless acronyms and jargon. But in reality, identity is simple. Before I explain, let me take you on a trip down SailPoint’s memory […]

Buzzword Breakdown: What Do Bots, AI and Machine Learning Mean for Identity?

The cybersecurity industry is well known for its copious acronyms and ever-changing buzzwords. In fact, when I hear yet another new term in a meeting at SailPoint, I joke that we always have to remain “buzzword compliant.” But despite my poking fun, the latest round of buzzwords seems to center […]