SailPoint Gives Back

Everyone deserves an opportunity to do more, to
do better, to think bigger, to reach higher.

We Give. Intentionally. Meaningfully.

At SailPoint, giving back is so much more than donations for various philanthropic organizations and events. Along with long-term financial support of many organizations in our communities, we also provide our own crew the ability to give back with ‘sweat equity’ to lift up those around us in need, too.

We come from a culture where integrity runs deep (it is one of our ‘Four I’ core values, after all). We deliver on our commitments to others, which is especially true of our approach to giving. While we have a long history of philanthropy over the years, we formally established our approach to giving with the SailPoint Gives Back Foundation in 2020 to enable a legacy of SailPoint Crew giving.

Initially seeded by our CEO and Founder Mark McClain as well as from SailPoint, the foundation allows us to contribute intentionally and meaningfully to our communities. The SailPoint Gives Back Foundation also enables our SailPoint Crew members to have their philanthropic contributions stretch even farther with donor matching. 

SailPoint team volunteering
SailPoint team member climbing building in superhero gear
SailPoint team volunteering

Giving Back is Core to our Values.

Every aspect of our giving philosophy is intentional, consistent and driven by our core values in the following ways: 


We have fun! Most of our long-standing, fun crew traditions also support our communities. Whether it’s supporting Explore Austin with our annual Putt-A-Thon, rappelling off a 40-story building for Make-a-Wish, or participating in Level Up games, our crew always creates greater impact when side-by-side in events in support of our global communities. 

SailPoint team volunteering
SailPoint team volunteering


We give meaningfully and in many ways. Financially. Through sweat equity. Often a combination of both. We provide as many avenues as possible to positively impact our world. A great example is Sailanthropitch (think “Shark Tank” for charity!). Designed and run entirely by our crew, our team competes for financial contributions to an organization of their choice.  


We show up. After two of our crew members had children diagnosed with leukemia, we initiated a long partnership with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As another example, as part of our strong belief in driving towards racial equality and diversity in the communities around us, we’ve put support behind organizations like Notley Tide and the National Urban League. 

SailPoint team volunteering
SailPoint team volunteering


We understand that innovation is fueled by diverse talent pools in the community so we are focused on helping to build that talent. We support and grow the young talent in our local tech communities through partnerships with a number of schools and organizations, including Code2College and Girlstart.

Where We Give.

We give. Because everyone in our community matters. 

SailPoint Gives Back is about stepping up to the benefit of others with zero expectation of anything in return. Because that is ‘The SailPoint Way.’