Gartner Magic Quadrant for IGA 2016

SailPoint was named a Leader in Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration based on the company's completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Identity & Access Management Buyer’s Guide

The 5th Edition IAM Buyer's Guide is a practical resource for prioritizing your needs, defining your requirements in an RFP, and conducting highly effective reference calls.

How to Catch Rogue Traders

SailPoint's President and Founder Kevin Cunningham sits down with CNBC to discuss insider security breaches.

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Special Reports

2014 KuppingerCole Access Governance Leadership Compass

European analyst, KuppingerCole, provides an overview and analysis of the access governance market.

CSO Survey Report

Unwieldy and expensive legacy identity and access management systems are of increasing concern to IT professionals, according to a CSO survey.

Forrester Brief: Reframe the Business Case for Identity and Access Management in Security Terms

A guide for security and risk professionals to build a solid case for implementing IAM.

Forrester Report: Use Commercial IAM Solutions To Achieve More Than 100% ROI Over Manual Processes

Learn how to identify the right solution for your organization, and then build a business case using Forrester's IAM cost model to gain executive support.

Forrester Report: Wake-Up Call: Poorly Managed Access Rights Are A Breach Waiting To Happen

Learn the six ways you can protect your organization and alleviate the risks of excessive entitlements.

Forrester Wave: Identity Management And Governance 2016

SailPoint was named a Leader in the Q2 2016 Forrester Wave for Identity Management and Governance (IMG).

Forrester’s Risk-Driven Identity & Access Management Process Framework

Learn how building the right processes can help make onboarding more efficient and ensure the correct access is preserved or removed when an employee transfers or leaves.

Frost & Sullivan 2015 Global IAM Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award

Based on its strong overall performance, SailPoint has earned the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for IGA 2016

SailPoint was named a Leader in Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration based on the company's completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Gartner Report: Align Your IAM Program With Your CIO’s 2016 Priorities

Gartner provides recommendations for how technology priorities create a opportunities to enhance IAM programs – adding value and being an accelerator for these priorities.

Identity & Access Management Buyer’s Guide

The 5th Edition IAM Buyer's Guide is a practical resource for prioritizing your needs, defining your requirements in an RFP, and conducting highly effective reference calls.

KuppingerCole Identity Provisioning Leadership Compass 2012

European analyst, Kuppinger Cole, provides an overview and analysis of the identity provisioning market segments.

KuppingerCole Report: Executive View SailPoint IdentityNow

With IdentityNow, SailPoint takes a different approach to IAM as a Cloud service than most other vendors.

Market Pulse Survey 2016

A survey built to measure how employees view their individual role in IT security processes, and what (if any) improvements are being made by organizations to adapt to the new business realities.


Are You Exposed? The Rise of the Contractor & His Impact on Security

Learn about the challenges posed by contractors and how identity and access management can help to control risk and promote good security processes.

Closing the Data Breach Gaps with CDM Phase II

A governance-based approach lets you know at any time “who has access to what." But how do you address each of the four areas in Phase II of the CDM program?

How to Create a Business Case for Identity and Access Management

Creating a good business case is your ticket to getting the IAM program funding you need to make it reality.

IAM From the Cloud: Is IDaaS Right For You?

Is implementing your IAM solution from the cloud the right step for you?

More Than Just Compliance: Implementing a Governance-Based Approach

Proving compliance with regulations is, of course, a very important goal for healthcare providers. Still, even if the audit passes, the organization could be at risk.

Starting Off on the Right Foot: Best Practices for Creating an IAM Strategy

In this eBook, you’ll learn 3 key practices to start your identity management program on the right foot.

The 5 Fundamentals of Identity and Access Management

Today’s IAM solutions aren't the same... but they should all have these five fundamental tenets.

Case Studies

Adobe Transitions Legacy Provisioning to Next-Generation Identity Management

Find out how SailPoint helped Adobe to transition from Sun Identity Manager for provisioning to a next-gen solution.

Aviva Addresses Compliance Challenges with Identity Governance

Aviva, the sixth largest insurance provider in the world, rolled out a fully-operational solution in less than six months with SailPoint.

AXA Improves Identity Governance and Administration with SailPoint IdentityIQ

Read how SailPoint helped AXA Belgium move to a centralized, automated system for identity governance and administration (IGA).

Energy Provider Improves Compliance with Identity Governance

Learn how a leading energy provider improved its SOX and NERC compliance with SailPoint.

Equifax Replaces Sun IdM with Next-Generation IAM Solution

With SailPoint IdentityIQ, Equifax streamlined identity and access management processes, resulting in greater efficiency and improved access controls.

ING DIRECT Australia Effectively Meets Compliance and Security Demands

Learn how Australia’s fifth largest home lender gained significant efficiencies in its compliance efforts in just 90 days.

Leading International Bank Improves Compliance Performance and Risk Posture with SailPoint

See how one of the largest U.S. commercial banks met rigorous industry requirements with SailPoint.

Major Healthcare Organization Ensures HIPAA Compliance

See how SailPoint helped this non-profit healthcare provider improve audit and compliance efforts while lowering risk and costs.See how SailPoint helped this non-profit healthcare provider improve audit and compliance efforts while lowering risk and costs.

Protecting the Trust of Customers with Identity Governance

Learn how this customer improved security with SailPoint.

Risk Model Moves into Identity

Adopt a risk-based model to drive identity management and meet your company's goals.

SailPoint Customer Successes Brochure

Learn how SailPoint helped Adobe, Sallie Mae, ING, Aviva and others to improve compliance, lower costs and boost security.

Sallie Mae Reduces Compliance Pressures with Identity Governance

See how Sallie Mae re-architected its IT compliance processes by employing the SailPoint IdentityIQ solution.

Streamlining User Access Reviews for More Effective, Sustainable Compliance

A Global 100 insurance and financial services leader automated their access control reviews and reporting with SailPoint.

Strengthening Control over User Access

SailPoint helped one of the largest U.S. commercial banks gain better control over user access privileges.

Tokyo Electron Steps Up Compliance Efforts

SailPoint enabled Tokyo Electron to take a more proactive approach to compliance and improve their governance posture.

Solution Briefs

Access Management Solution Brief

See how SailPoint’s SSO solution delivers convenience within a hybrid IT world.

Employing Governance for Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Data breaches are a worldwide problem, and the European Union has a new law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that comes into full effect in 2017. This regulation unifies the various countries' laws surrounding data privacy and gives clarification as to what an organization must do after a data breach.

Fulfilling CDM Phase II with Identity Governance and Provisioning

Phase II of the government's Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program will be in full effect in just a couple years, and we've been selected as a trusted vendor to help satisfy the requirements on governmental agencies.

Governance Solution Brief

Learn how to improve compliance performance in growing, dynamic environments.

Healthcare and Identity Management Solution Brief

Focus on the role played by identity management in addressing healthcare regulatory compliance mandates.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of IAM Implementation

In this solution brief, you’ll learn about the 5 most common pitfalls of IAM implementations and how to avoid missteps that may make your IAM program falter.

Provisioning Solution Brief

Deliver access securely and quickly with an automated, flexible next-generation approach to provisioning.

White Papers

7 Tenets of Successful IAM

Data breaches. The outlook is not promising. Enterprise security is in need of a new paradigm and evolving from network-centric to identity-centric. See what you should be considering.

A New Approach to Meeting NERC CIP Reliability Standards

Learn how to build a cost-effective, risk-based approach to NERC CIP compliance.

A Practical Plan for a Succesful Sun Identity Manager Migration

If you are ready to migrate from Sun IdM to an approach that leverages your existing investments and expertise, lowers the total cost of migration, and enables you to improve your identity management services to include identity governance and compliance – this paper will help you get started.

After the Sun Sets: A Next-Generation Replacement Strategy for Sun Identity Manager

Learn how SailPoint’s can quickly transition you from Sun IdM at a lower TCO than Oracle’s solution.

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT

Learn three best practices that IT teams can participate in identity management compliance.

Building a Business Case for Identity Management

This whitepaper outlines the steps to building a business case for your identity management program.

Changing the Game with Data Access Governance

You can better secure your organization by integrating your data access governance plan into your overall IAM strategy. That is, governing your data by looking at who can access your data, as well as what they are doing with it.

Cut Your Costs with a Next-Generation Password Management Approach

What should you be looking for in a next-generation password management solution? Next-generation password management solutions support all your applications and allow end users to manage password from any device, and from any network.

Five Questions to Ask Your SaaS Provider

Find out what should you discuss before you put sensitive data in the cloud.

Get Compliant and Stay Compliant

Learn how to build a sustainable approach to compliance and improving efficiency.

How to Know It’s Time to Change Your IAM Vendor

How do you know when it’s time to make a change? Download this white paper to learn about seven of the clearest reasons to find a new IAM solution provider.

Identity Intelligence - Limiting Theft and Risks from Insiders

SailPoint reveals how identity intelligence can help your organization avoid falling victim to escalating insider threats.

Identity Risk

Learn why a focused approach based on risk is the key to successful identity governance.

Is Your Identity Management Program Protecting Your Federal Systems?

This serves to help government agencies understand the full breadth of Identity and Access Management, and how the proper strategy can help reduce cyber security exposure and costs while providing additional operational, compliance and risk management benefits.

Limiting Fraud Inside Financial Institutions with Identity Intelligence

Understand how identity intelligence is helping financial institutions to minimize their risk.

Managing Access Risk During Periods of High Churn

Learn practical steps for proactively securing access to information assets during times of change across large user populations.

Preparing for Model Audit Rule

Explore the new requirements for implementing stronger internal controls over financial applications and data.

Role Management and Risk

Role management helps organizations to manage information security risk and ultimately corporate risk.

Securing Identity Does Not Stop with Strong Authentication

The importance of a complete IAM strategy, rooted in governance.

Seven Key Success Factors for Identity Governance

This white paper presents seven key success factors to help your organization meet your identity governance goals, while staying on time and within budget.

What You Can Learn about Your Risk Posture from Identity and Access Data

Understand how enterprises can improve their audit performance while reducing overall costs.


2016 Market Pulse Survey

Watch this webinar and hear Kari Hanson, Senior Director of Marketing, reveal the full results of SailPoint’s 2016 Market Pulse Survey.

7 Tenets of Successful Identity and Access Management

With the possibility of a data breach lurking, what steps can we take to up level IT security?

Achieve Quick Wins and Big ROI with IAM-as-a-Service

Learn about the three urgent identity and access management challenges facing enterprise IT organizations and how IDaaS can quickly deliver results.

Achieving Balance in SharePoint

Learn how you can effectively manage appropriate access to the data hosted in your SharePoint environment.

Achieving Data Access Governance with SecurityIQ

See a demo of SecurityIQ and get more information on how data governance can change your data security strategy. View on-demand today!

Beyond Strong Authentication: Achieving Identity-Centric Security in Federal Agencies

Watch now to understand the current threat landscape your agency is facing and how to build a comprehensive identity strategy to mitigate your risk.

Changing the Game with Data Access Governance Webinar

In this webinar, find out where your sensitive data resides, identify who has access to it, validate who has been accessing it, and implement controls to protect it.

Future Proof Your Info Security Program with IAM

View this on-demand webinar and gain practical tips for your IAM program that will work today, but more importantly, work into the future as your needs shift.

Healthcare Case Study: Achieving Compliance and Managing Risk

Providence Health and Edgile share practical insights on how industry leaders are addressing the changes to healthcare regulations.

Identity is Everything

In this webinar, we discuss how you can prevent data breaches before they happen by putting identity and access management (IAM) at the center of security. View on-demand today!

Improve Security While Cutting Costs

Learn why Identity-as-a-Service is a cost-effective option that delivers a user-centric model for securing access.

Introducing Enterprise IDaaS – A Road Map for the Future

Learn about the IDaaS market and know when you should be looking for cloud identity solution. IdentityNow is featured as SailPoint's IDaaS solution.

Managing NERC CIP Compliance with Governance-Based Identity Management

Understand the impact of Version 4 of the NERC CIP cyber security standards on power generation and utility companies.

Migrating Legacy IAM Deployments

Learn how Adobe Systems is migrating away from Sun Identity Manager to SailPoint IdentityIQ with minimal interruptions and maximum business impact.

Next-Generation Provisioning and Lifecycle Process Automation

Learn about a new generation of identity management solutions designed to address challenges of legacy provisioning.

SailPoint Debuts Open Identity Platform and Alliance Program

Learn how our latest IdentityIQ release and our brand new Identity+ Alliance program can make your operational and security infrastructure identity-aware. View on-demand today!

Securing Cloud Access… It’s More than SSO

Providing users with easy and secure access to cloud apps is a must if you want to ensure that the right users access the right data at all times.

The Only Viable Migration Option for Sun IdM Customers

Realize the benefits of migrating to a next-generation provisioning solution on a centralized governance framework.

Video Gallery


IdentityIQ Mobile Device Management Integration Datasheet

Due to popular trends like Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, IT organizations across the world are under pressure to allow those personal devices to access sensitive corporate assets to increase workforce productivity.

IdentityIQ Product Brochure

Get all the details about SailPoint IdentityIQ - recently positioned as a leader by Gartner.

IdentityNow Access Certification Datasheet

IdentityNow Access Certification addresses audit and security control challenges by automating the entire access review and audit process.

IdentityNow Password Management Datasheet

Learn how to reduce costs and increase productivity by simplifying password management with IdentityNow.

IdentityNow Product Brochure

Get all the details about SailPoint’s new IDaaS solution.

IdentityNow Provisioning Datasheet

IdentityNow User Provisioning employs a centralized approach to managing access throughout a user’s lifecycle by allowing IT to automate user onboarding and offboarding.

IdentityNow Single Sign-On Brochure

IdentityNow Single Sign-On provides users with secure, one-click access to all their applications – cloud, mobile and on-premises – from any device, anywhere in the world.

SailPoint Corporate Overview Brochure

SailPoint is the fastest-growing, independent identity and access management (IAM) provider.

SecurityIQ for Cloud Storage Services

To effectively protect the unstructured data stored in cloud storage services, organizations need technology to provide them with full visibility into sensitive data stored within it, including who can and who is accessing the data.

SecurityIQ for File Shares Datasheet

SecurityIQ protects the unstructured data stored in file shares, providing them with full visibility into sensitive data stored within it, including who can access it and who is accessing it.

SecurityIQ for Microsoft Exchange Datasheet

Protect the unstructured data stored in Microsoft Exchange, with full visibility into who can access mailboxes and folders, and who is accessing them.

SecurityIQ for SharePoint® Datasheet

SecurityIQ protects the unstructured data within SharePoint®, providing full visibility into the sensitive data stored within it, including who can access it and who is accessing it.

SecurityIQ Product Brochure

Organizations with unmanaged, unprotected data face tremendous risks. SecurityIQ reduces risk by identifying where sensitive data resides, determining who has access to it and how they are using it, and putting effective controls in place to secure it.