Find your hidden security risks.

If you don’t know who has access to your applications and data, you probably have security and compliance gaps you haven’t even thought about.

With IdentityIQ at the center of your enterprise, you can control access to every file and application across your hybrid IT environment by employees, partners, contractors — even bots.

Keep up with the complexity and
speed of business.

Combine SailPoint Predictive Identity™ with IdentityIQ to unleash AI-driven capabilities that help you see and do more. Our Access Modeling, Access Insights and Recommendations provide greater intelligence and efficiency by keeping access policies up-to-date, and let you know if access is safe or risky.

IdentityIQ enables you to:

Govern all

Connect to 99% of applications and data, then use a wizard setup and preconfigured workflows to onboard them in hours, instead of weeks.

Govern deep

Integrate governance controls with your mission-critical apps, like AWS, SAP and Salesforce, so users can only access the information they need to do their job.

Govern smart

Receive AI-driven recommendations from SailPoint Predictive Identity to help you determine when it’s safe to grant user access.

Govern at scale

Protect and govern access across millions of identities, billions of points of access and tens of thousands of applications and data sources.

Guide access decisions with AI and machine learning.

  • Quickly build access models and keep them updated
  • Receive recommendations for approving access
  • Build peer groups based on attributes and access patterns
  • Identify users with risky access
  • Track historical user access patterns

Use the power of IdentityIQ to keep your
business secure and compliant. 

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