Integrate identity into your digital ecosystem

Organizations are constantly balancing the need for productivity with concerns about security. Increased speed can result in additional risk, but stringent security processes impede worker efficiency. It’s time for a better approach.

SailPoint APIs and Event Triggers enable you to rapidly create identity-driven integrations and solutions that accelerate and secure your business. Design tailored integrations that connect your technology ecosystem, including HR, ITSM, IaaS and SIEM. Automate identity-related requests, receive notifications and stay ahead of risk with the enhanced visibility and control of Identity Security.

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Strengthen security through automation
  • Create an autonomous identity environment
  • Support native integrations with iPaaS industry leaders

How does SailPoint APIs and Event Triggers work?

When you need to create an automated integration with an application you can use the set of API’s and event triggers rather than using a code-heavy process from scratch. With these integrations you can perform actions such as triggering downstream processes, providing real-time updates, and pushing out dynamic messaging.

Remove hidden access

scheduled search workflow

Access based on Risk Score

SAP/GRC risk workflow

Attribute change notification

attribute change notification workflow

APIs & Event Triggers enable you to build:

Faster Notifications

Create custom notifications when an identity event happens

Smarter Approvals

Automatically approve or reject access to applications using additional risk analysis

Deeper Visibility

Locate inactive identities with access and automate removal of access

Stronger Security

Embed identity security throughout your digital ecosystem

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