dezembro 20, 2016

To be successful, today’s modern enterprises must accommodate the needs of a broad base of users: employees, partners, suppliers, contractors and more. While each user group has specific systems and asset needs in the corporate ecosystem, one thing is certain for each: access to business assets must be fast, easy and entirely mobile. This presents a challenge for IT and security teams. How do you accommodate such a diverse set of users with varied application needs and access requirements? Additionally, how do you do it without burdening your own team with extra process and work?

Identity is the answer.

Identity forms the core platform for extending access to corporate resources to all business users – no matter where they are or what their role. It provides the defining truth that governs who has access to business resources, how they can access them and what they can do. Identity governance empowers IT to remove user restrictions that limit growth and stagnate innovation. It is the key for IT and security teams to stop saying “no” and start asking “how.”

Identity is Everywhere

Many organizations have embraced the cloud to extend access to business critical resources to their users. For IT, the allure is evident. It’s cost effective. It’s elastic. It’s simple to deploy and manage. However, these benefits alone can’t fully explain the $1 trillion that Gartner is predicting in cloud infrastructure spending by 2020.

  • 72% of enterprises support BYOD for all employees
  • 141b estimated spend on cloud services in 2019
  • 1 in 3 employees purchased SaaS apps without IT

Cloud adoption is accelerating, quite simply, because users are demanding it. Your business users are everywhere. You have “internal” employees connecting from public settings and home offices. You have contractors accessing corporate assets from remote sites. Business partners are connecting from geographies all over the world. All these users are working independently but must be able to seamlessly collaborate. They want solutions that enable them to work smarter and more efficiently. Most importantly, they need an experience that is simple, mobile and convenient. Your users will do their best work if they can do so on their own terms with the tools that work best for them from the locations and devices with which they are most comfortable.

IT vs. the Business? Not with Identity

From an IT perspective, empowering users to work how they want can invite disaster in a number of ways. There are security risks. Demonstrating compliance is more complex. Having help desk staff address the continuous requests for access or assistance is a huge challenge. The easiest answer is to simply lock everything down. However, policies that restrict access to cloud applications or limit their use via mobile devices are no longer an option for organizations that want to be productive and profitable.

Instead, embrace your users’ desire to be productive. Unleash your employees to be innovative and efficient. Empower partners with independence. Nurture your contractors’ ideas and new ways of thinking. Encourage all your users to work together with a powerful platform for collaboration.

Identity governance is the way to achieve this. It provides the foundation of visibility required to allow users to work the way they want. It provides the freedom to take advantage of the business benefits of BYOD while supplying the connections and control to manage shadow IT. It fuels the extension of business assets to a broad and distributed workforce.

The Power of the Cloud

What does it really mean to empower your users?

For SailPoint IdentityNow customers, empowering users means making it easy for them to access the business resources they need to do their jobs. Whether they are connecting in from a hotel in Tokyo, a coffeehouse down the street or their desk in the office.

It also means self-service. There is nothing more frustrating than being on the road and needing to access a particular application and finding your password has expired or you’ve been denied access for some reason.

With IdentityNow, business access is as simple as finding an Internet connection. Instantly get access to all the applications you need. Change your password. Update your profile. Add or remove and request access to whichever applications you need, from wherever you are.

Untethering with Cloud-based Identity Governance

Cloud-based identity governance extends the value of SaaS into your identity management program. Connect all the applications, systems and users in the entire business. See who has access to what and the assets they can use. Control that access at the touch of a button. Most importantly, empower your users with the same convenience they demand of their business applications – fully functional, easy access anytime from anywhere.

Cloud-based identity governance is the platform to quickly connect all users to the applications they need. It is the foundation to empower users to do what they need without requiring IT intervention. It is the path for easily accessing business resources from any device and any location. It is the central point of collaboration for partners, vendors and other external users. All these things provide the catalyst for innovative processes, new business opportunities and organizational growth.

SailPoint Can Help

Harness your employees’ desire to work smarter with SailPoint. Our cloud-based identity governance enables IT to remove user access restrictions without jeopardizing anything else. Freed from the constraints of IT or security policies that make accessing business resources complex, users can find new methods for efficiently doing their jobs. They can collaborate seamlessly with partners, contractors and supplier to expand the business into new markets. Empower your users and fuel your business growth with SailPoint. Learn more.

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