Accelerate digital transformation, improve efficiency, and reduce risk

Manufacturers today rely on digital technology more than ever to optimize processes and accelerate production. Protecting access for workers, contractors, suppliers, and vendors is critical, as bad actors seek to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to valuable systems and intellectual property.

How do you find the right balance between improving time-to-market while guarding against internal and external threats?

SailPoint Identity Security enables you to securely modernize your technology ecosystem and ensure that access to sensitive information is protected through powerful access policies – mitigating the risk of information theft, fraud, and breach.

  • Manage and control access for human and non-human users to all applications, systems, platforms, and data.
  • Get complete visibility into risky users and overprovisioned accounts to detect and mitigate potential security issues.
  • Reduce IT costs and helpdesk calls by automating access requests, provisioning, and password resets via policy-driven self-service tools.
  • Leverage adaptive governance capabilities to adjust access controls and policies as your business evolves and when new threats surface.

SailPoint enables manufacturers to:

Secure your supply chain

Ensure access is automatically granted and revoked based on roles and policies, with real-time 360º visibility into all identities, entitlements, systems, and cloud services.

Stop existing and future access risks

It’s not enough just to control access to apps and systems – it requires managing and governing fine-grained access to the data workers and suppliers use every day.

Protect intellectual property

Leverage machine learning and AI capabilities to detect risky access behaviors and prevent attackers from compromising sensitive IP, both structured and unstructured.

Streamline compliance

Maintain a full audit trail of accounts, entitlements, policies, and actions to address audit requirements with easy-to-generate compliance reports.

Enable user access and protect your business everywhere.

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