Your Cloud Data is Vulnerable

Make sure you know what’s in it and who has access

When your employees upload documents to apps like Box, Dropbox, Office 365 and Google Drive, they get the convenience of accessing them anywhere, anytime. But they also create security risks if your team doesn’t know what sensitive information is contained in those documents and who has access.


enterprise data is unstructured 1


organizations can’t fully protect sensitive data 2

Take the risk out of storing unstructured data in the cloud with SailPoint identity governance. You’ll gain complete visibility into your data, along with secure controls to make sure only the right users have access.

Our platform helps you:

  • Identify where sensitive data resides
  • Analyze and control who can access it
  • Monitor how access is being used
  • Determine who owns that data
  • Comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA

Secure your cloud data with identity governance

Managing access to cloud data without identity governance limits your ability to get a complete picture of your data, users, and their access, which puts your organization at risk. Protect your cloud storage environments with the power of identity.

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Learn how to reduce your security blind spots

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