Identity as a Service (IDaaS) with IdentityNow

Cloud-based Identity & Access Management

IdentityNow is a full-featured cloud-based identity and access management solution, or IAM as a Service (IDaaS), that delivers single sign-on, password management, provisioning, and access certification services for cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications. As a critical component of the enterprise IT infrastructure, IdentityNow is architected to meet the most stringent security, scalability, performance and availability requirements.

IdentityNow was designed from the ground up to be a simple yet powerful, cost-effective IDaaS solution, with no hardware or software to deploy. It delivers immediate value to business and IT users with services that are fast to set up and easy to use. With consumer-focused usability, IdentityNow gives users simple, intuitive ways to manage their daily needs, from accessing cloud and internal web apps, resetting passwords or requesting and reviewing access.

Importantly, IdentityNow not only integrates to other cloud apps, but to all of the on-premises resources you would expect from an enterprise IAM solution. Our integration to both on-premises and cloud-based applications is designed to meet the most stringent IT security standards—a key requirement for cross-domain IAM.

Single Sign-On For IdentityNow

Delivers a seamless sign-on experience for users from any device across cloud, web and mobile applications, while centralizing visibility and control over how and when applications are being accessed to ensure the appropriate level of access.

Password Management For IdentityNow

Enables users to manage password changes and resets across on-premises and cloud applications, without having to call the help desk to boost productivity across the board.

User Provisioning For IdentityNow

Fully automates user provisioning service to streamline creating, changing and revoking user access based on user lifecycle events, so you can cut the time and cost of provisioning user accounts.

Access Certification For IdentityNow

Automates the process of certifying user access rights across the organization by initiating campaigns for managers to review, approve or revoke access so you stay more secure without creating a huge workload for your users.

Intuitive User-Interface For IdentityNow

Our intuitive user-interface delivers the ease of use you require with simple, straightforward ways to manage your daily needs – eliminating manual, error prone processes.

Administrative Dashboards For IdentityNow

Our administrative dashboards deliver information at your fingertips with a summary of key usage and activity statistics and notifications of any problems or outstanding work to be completed.

Audit and Reporting For IdentityNow

Provide end-to-end visibility into the effectiveness of compliance controls across your data center and cloud applications.

Hybrid Connectivity For IdentityNow

Securely connect to and manage all the resources in your environment across cloud and data center resources.

Scalable Deployment Platform For IdentityNow

Cloud delivery model ensures that IdentityNow is highly secure, always available and will scale to manage your needs today and in the future.

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