SailPoint unveils the next generation of identity security during opening keynote at Navigate 2021

AUSTIN, August 17, 2021 – Imagine a digital ecosystem where every type of contributor has the right technology access they need to do their job, exactly when they need it. Imagine these decisions happening dynamically, intuitively and intelligently; with access being delivered seamlessly across all types of applications, data and infrastructure. Imagine today’s hybrid workforce working with greater freedom and greater security. This is the future of the identity-driven enterprise and one that SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SAIL), the leader in enterprise identity security, unveiled during the opening keynote at Navigate 2021.

Grady Summers, SailPoint EVP of Product, showcased the company’s vision for the next generation of identity security, one in which identity security moves from being static to dynamic. He explained, “Our mission is to help our customers discover, secure and manage every type of identity. The only way to effectively do that for today’s modern enterprise is with an intelligent, autonomous and extensible ‘self-driving’ identity security system that is fueled by data.”

“That last point, data, is critical. It all starts with collecting the right data from the right identities and then going deeper on what can be done to manage each one. For example, what are identities actually doing with the access they’ve been granted? Are they using every one of their application-level entitlements? What unstructured data do they have access to?” said Summers. “We analyze all of that data on behalf of our customers, giving them critical visibility and a deeper understanding of who has access and how that access is being used. We take the long, manual hours and tedious tasks out of the equation, using machine learning to speed along recommendations; this significantly improves and streamlines identity security across our customers’ businesses.” 

“In addition to all of the work we’re doing from an identity intelligence and data standpoint, we’re also heavily focused on delivering deeper automation and extensibility,” continued Summers. “From an automation standpoint, how can we help security admins identify the most pressing identity risks to mitigate with so much flying at them at once? With AI-enabled intelligence, we can accelerate their ability to prioritize the areas of greatest risk first,” said Summers. “Similarly, we know our customers need identity security processes and policies to fit within the context of their business and workflows, becoming the unifying thread tying people with technology. With the deepened extensibility now available in our identity platform, our customers can automate repetitive tasks and workflows, enabling them to build security once, scale it, and then share it with others across departments. Together, these three areas of product innovation help us to deliver the next generation of identity required to enable this ‘self-driving’ identity security system.”

“At General Motors, we’re all about going fast but with the right security controls in place,” said Tray Wyman, Director of Identity and Access Management at GM. “A big reason we can chase our business goals quickly and with confidence is because we’ve really embraced identity-centricity as crucial to the overall security of the business. With SailPoint at the foundation of our cybersecurity program, we’re very well-positioned from a business resiliency standpoint.”

SailPoint is delivering enterprise security through the lens of identity, securely enabling today’s modern, dynamic enterprise. New capabilities in the SailPoint Identity Platform that will drive the next generation of identity security were previewed this week during Navigate 2021, including:

  • Customized Workflows: Build a one-of-a-kind security program, automating identity security to fit customers’ specific business needs
  • Event-Driven Certifications: Create reports to automatically and dynamically review employee access vs. monitoring manually
  • Automated Outlier Detection: Identify the most pressing threats, showing a prioritized list of high-risk identities across the organization

To learn more, please visit the SailPoint blog to immerse yourself in the future of identity, delivered by SailPoint.

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SailPoint is the leader in identity security for the cloud enterprise. We’re committed to protecting businesses from the inherent risk that comes with providing technology access across today’s diverse and remote workforce. Our identity security solutions secure and enable thousands of companies worldwide, giving our customers unmatched visibility into the entirety of their digital workforce, and ensuring that each worker has the right access to do their job, no more, no less. With SailPoint at the foundation of their business, our customers can provision access with confidence, protect business assets at scale and ensure compliance with certainty.   

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