Benchmark Testing Validates Enterprise-level Scalability and Performance of SailPoint IdentityIQ

AUSTIN, March 6, 2012 – SailPoint delivers governance-based identity management solutions to more than 125 of the world’s largest organizations. In order to validate SailPoint IdentityIQ’s ability to scale and support deployments at these global companies while maintaining high levels of performance, SailPoint conducted a series of benchmark tests in December 2011. The performance testing was designed to model extreme use cases to ensure the solution could exceed every scale metric SailPoint’s customers might require. The testing was sponsored by two of the world’s largest financial services companies, working in conjunction with SailPoint staff.

During the performance testing, IdentityIQ demonstrated the ability to support an environment of thousands of applications while aggregating massive amounts of identity data: more than 100,000 users, millions of accounts and more than 10 million entitlements. IdentityIQ imported the human resources data to create more than 100,000 identities in less than 11 minutes. To reflect the frequent data refresh processes which are employed by SailPoint’s customers, the testing demonstrated that IdentityIQ could reload 30 million entitlements across 5 million accounts and 20,000 applications with more than half a million changes in less than 30 minutes. Finally, the testing simulated more than 2,500 concurrent IdentityIQ users with no impact to performance – a key requirement for organizations that routinely support thousands of business users accessing the system to conduct access certifications or request access.

“Global 500 companies require identity solutions to scale based on the size of the user population and the number of IT resources under management,” said Kevin Cunningham, president and cofounder of SailPoint. “In order to truly control access, organizations need full visibility and control over not just users and accounts, but also fine-grained entitlements, which can easily number in the millions. Due to this broad perspective of application coverage and the volume of entitlements, governance-based identity management deployments require an unprecedented level of scalability. Our testing proved that IdentityIQ can manage global deployments with hundreds of thousands of users, thousands of applications, and multi-millions of fine-grained entitlements.”

In order to ensure the success of its enterprise customers, SailPoint created a dedicated Performance Lab in 2011 to help customers during deployment and production, and to provide performance assurance testing for IdentityIQ. The staff of the Performance Lab, together with technical staff from the financial services companies who were evaluating IdentityIQ for purchase, drove the recent benchmark testing and validated the results. In addition to its benchmarking capabilities, the SailPoint Performance Lab also provides customers with a variety of expert services and tools that allow the modeling and simulation of data processing within IdentityIQ, based on individual customer parameters, and provides a means of rapidly prototyping a system for sizing purposes.

“No two identity management deployments are alike, because each customer has unique IT environments, user populations, and identity management business processes,” added Cunningham. “The Performance Lab is a great tool to give our customers the confidence that they can meet today’s performance needs and expand as their needs change. It’s also a great tool for SailPoint, as it helps us ensure we’re delivering a world-class, enterprise-scale solution that meets and exceeds the performance requirements of our customers.”

About SailPoint
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