Compliance IQ Delivers Industry’s First Identity Analytics and Compliance Automation Solution

Today at DEMO 07, SailPoint Technologies launched Compliance IQ, a ground-breaking solution that will help companies dramatically streamline and automate identity compliance processes. The product uses advanced data mining and analytics – or “Identity Intelligence” – to provide meaningful business context for the volumes of identity data generated by diverse IT systems and applications. As a result, Compliance IQ helps companies achieve critical business efficiencies that optimize compliance efforts, minimize the potential for privacy breaches and more effectively manage risk.

According to IDC, government and industry regulations will continue to put unprecedented pressure on corporations to secure access to information and applications, and budgetary constraints will continue to drive them to look for more cost-effective ways to manage their security infrastructure. These pressures will fuel 25 percent growth in the identity and access management (IAM) compliance market, which IDC predicts will reach $2 billion by 2010.1

Identity Intelligence for Next-Generation Identity Management

Compliance IQ provides rich, multi-dimensional views of identity data that give enterprises the business insights needed to strengthen IT controls and reduce risk. The product combines business information such as job functions, asset risk and compliance policy with technical data mined from the IT environment; in effect, offering a single data model to help organizations filter and interpret critical compliance information. In addition, Compliance IQ offers an Identity Risk Scorecard, a configurable calculator that assigns risk scores to users based on their access to critical systems and applications.

“The cost and complexity of complying with various federal and state compliance regulations continues to drive corporate investments in identity management deployments,” said Lori Rowland, analyst with the Burton Group. “The challenge lies in how to help organizations identify and prioritize critical risks and remediation activities across the enterprise. Solutions that offer rich identity analytics and controls automation capabilities will help companies better detect the ‘signal from the noise’ associated with their identity compliance initiatives.”

Compliance IQ Product Overview

  • Compliance IQ focuses on the prevention, detection and correction of identity compliance vulnerabilities by offering the following key capabilities:
  • Risk assessment – makes it easy to quickly pinpoint risk, prioritize remediation actions and measure identity compliance performance over time.
  • Policy enforcement – enables organizations to centrally manage and define access policies, such as Separation of Duty (SOD), across all critical application environments. Policy scanning and “what if” analysis help businesses proactively detect and prevent violations.
  • Activity monitoring – tracks potential compliance risks such as abnormal access patterns or the activity of privileged users.
  • Access certification and remediation – automates the periodic review and certification of user access privileges by designated authorities. Highlights user entitlement data that has changed since the last certification report, and automates remediation and notification activities for inappropriate access privileges.
  • Forensic analysis – provides point-in-time snapshots of user privileges and activities to simplify evidence gathering and forensic analysis. Snapshots are securely archived to ensure identity data is only accessible to authorized users.

“Risk management is a key component of our technology control solutions,” said Frank Edelblut, president of Control Solutions International, a global provider of independent internal audit, compliance, risk management and technology solutions to more than 500 public, private, nonprofit and government clients. “To ensure the protection of critical information assets, we help our clients identify and strengthen key controls over identity compliance processes. SailPoint’s innovative “Identity Intelligence” solution enables clients to identify and prioritize compliance vulnerabilities based on established business risk. This eliminates the costly, labor-intensive data collection that bogs down many compliance efforts, allowing them to focus on more strategic risk management objectives.”

Compliance IQ will be generally available beginning Q1 2007.
1 – IDC, Worldwide Identity and Access Management Compliance 2006-2010 Forecast, #201365, April 2006

About SailPoint
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