CTO Darran Rolls to Speak at InfoSec World and the European Identity Conference

AUSTIN, April 2, 2012 – Global 1000 companies must continually evolve their IT and security organizations to keep up with and manage user access over a variety of new realities and technologies, from geographically dispersed infrastructures to mobile computing to the cloud. To help companies address these growing challenges, SailPoint CTO Darran Rolls will discuss how organizations can leverage governance-based identity management to holistically manage their entire IT infrastructures during speaking sessions at two key industry conferences:InfoSec World in Orlando, Florida, and KuppingerCole’s European Identity Conference in Munich, Germany. In these sessions, Rolls will discuss why a governance-based approach to identity management should be at the heart of their security and risk management strategy regardless of which new technologies an organization has deployed.

What: InfoSec World – A New Era of Technologies Requires A New Approach to Identity Management

When: Tuesday, April 3 at 1:45 p.m.

Rolls will discuss how to address risks posed by the growing catalog of technologies in today’s IT infrastructure with a proactive approach to identity management. By addressing key identity challenges, organizations can: ensure that user access is granted and removed in a timely fashion; ensure that existing compliance and security processes remain consistent across all environments; and proactively monitor and manage the IT risks associated with user access controls.

What: KuppingerCole’s European Identity Conference

When: April 17th through 20th in Munich, Germany

Rolls will participate on several panels discussing the ever-evolving security and compliance challenges facing organizations as they manage identities and access privileges across datacenter and cloud environments. As part of these discussions, he will also address the development of the Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) standard and explain why SCIM is good for enterprises, cloud services providers, identity management vendors, and the industry as a whole.

Also at the European Identity Conference, SailPoint is hosting a workshop, “SailPoint Next-Gen Identity Management Workshop.” Moderated by Martin Kuppinger of KuppingerCole, Rolls along with Mat Hamlin, senior product manager at SailPoint, will explore how governance-based identity management holistically manages evolving IT environments. The workshop will provide attendees with several lessons on how to shift their approach to identity management, including how to: identify the new identity management ecosystem; address security for the cloud and craft a sustainable identity management strategy. The workshop will take place on April 17th at 10 a.m. To register to attend, please visit: http://bit.ly/H4ctrD.
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