Seamless Integration Provides Customers Compliant User Provisioning, Reduces Access Risk

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb 12, 2008 – Identity risk management pioneer SailPoint Technologies, Inc. today announced it has earned Ready for IBM Tivoli software validation for its integration of SailPoint Compliance IQ™ and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager. The new integrated solution links SailPoint’s advanced identity risk management solution with the comprehensive automated provisioning capabilities in Tivoli Identity Manager, enabling organizations to detect, prevent and correct compliance policy violations without the cost and inconvenience of custom integration work. By enriching Tivoli Identity Manager with policy and business context, Compliance IQ ensures that provisioning removes or prevents access that would violate business policy and maps provisioning to business roles so that users receive only the entitlements they require to perform their jobs.

“Large organizations struggle with determining if user access conforms to security policies and compliance objectives, often devoting hours to wading through eye-blurring spreadsheets to track access or role requests in an error-prone manual process that exposes companies to risk,” said SailPoint CEO Mark McClain. “SailPoint’s integration with IBM Tivoli Identity Manager simplifies and automates these tasks and enables organizations to leverage existing technology investments to realize new benefits for effective identity and access governance, risk management and compliance.”

By combining the efficiency of automated provisioning with Tivoli Identity Manger and the identity intelligence and automated controls offered by SailPoint Compliance IQ, security and compliance teams can determine who has access to what, if those individuals have the appropriate access, who approved the access, and whether compliance objectives are being met—across the entire enterprise. The combined solution leverages industry standards – eliminating the need for custom integration and speeding time-to-deployment – and provides four key points of integration:

  • Auto Remediation: Automates workflow to remediate inappropriate access and policy violations via immediate, real-time execution of de-provisioning requests.
  • Provisioning Policy Checks: Incorporates compliance and risk management into the Tivoli Identity Manager provisioning process by analyzing provisioning requests and role changes against defined policy within Compliance IQ.
  • Business Role Provisioning: Provisions user access to data, applications and systems through IBM Tivoli Identity Manager based on business roles defined within Compliance IQ.
  • Bulk Reprovisioning of Modified Business Roles: Allows bulk modification to user accounts when business roles change in Compliance IQ.

About SailPoint
SailPoint Technologies, Inc. develops identity governance software that helps organizations gain control over user access to critical systems and data, streamline costly IT compliance processes and reduce the risks of fraud, corporate data loss or theft and failed audits. Founded in December 2005, SailPoint is based in Austin, Texas.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]