Offering Helps Companies Avoid Having to “Rip and Replace” Legacy Sun IdM Implementations

AUSTIN, April 25, 2012 – SailPoint today announced a migration offering designed to assist organizations faced with the impending end-of-life deadline for Sun Identity Manager (now Oracle Waveset). This comprehensive offering provides organizations with a lower-cost, step-wise path to governance-based identity management, eliminating the need to “rip and replace” their legacy provisioning solution, while providing immediate benefits. The SailPoint migration offering includes: a free assessment tool to help customers gain a clear understanding of their Sun Identity Manager environment and visibility into the areas that need the most attention during migration; a migration tool to help streamline the migration of users, accounts, forms, workflows, and policies from Sun Identity Manager to SailPoint IdentityIQ; and consultation services that provide implementation expertise and best practices to help ensure a successful migration experience.

“Organizations that have made substantial investments in their Sun Identity Manager implementations are being asked to start over by Oracle, replacing one decade-old technology with another one,” said Paul Trulove, vice president of product marketing at SailPoint. “Many customers knew this was coming. But until now, no one has offered a viable upgrade path that allows them to immediately build on their existing Sun investment, and then gradually migrate to a next-generation provisioning solution without disrupting the business. We have already seen an uptick in customers turning to SailPoint to take advantage of our migration path. It was a non-trivial problem to solve, but it helped that the original Sun Identity Manager architects are also the creators of SailPoint IdentityIQ.”

SailPoint IdentityIQ’s user provisioning solution offers out-of-the-box integration with Sun Identity Manager. As a result, SailPoint allows organizations to leverage their existing investment while gradually transitioning to SailPoint IdentityIQ on a timeline that makes sense to IT and the business as a whole. For example, an organization can begin by simply overlaying IdentityIQ on top of Sun Identity Manager to immediately benefit from improved visibility and audit performance through the consolidation of all identity data and controls into a centralized governance framework. Organizations can then migrate their access request and user provisioning processes over time into IdentityIQ to take advantage of its business-friendly user interfaces and automated lifecycle events. Finally, once the organization is ready it can move the underlying connectors from Sun Identity Manager to IdentityIQ without disrupting the business.

SailPoint’s governance-based approach to identity management represents an evolutionary shift in the market and is specifically designed to empower business users to take an active role in governing and managing access. IdentityIQ provides clear, business-friendly descriptions for all access rights, roles, applications, and policies enabling end users to manage their own access and participate in defining and enforcing the policies and processes that govern that access. By involving the business directly in identity management processes, organizations can increase the accuracy of access assignments and reduce their risk of security breaches and failed audits.

Sun Identity Manager customers interested in SailPoint’s migration assessment and tools can visit www.sailpoint.com/sunmigration for more information and to request a consultation with a SailPoint-Sun migration specialist.

About SailPoint
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