Integrated Solution Reduces Risk of Insider Fraud, Data Breaches

AUSTIN, Texas and Vienna, Virginia, June 11, 2008 – SailPoint Technologies, the leading provider of identity risk management software, and Cloakware, the security solutions provider that makes security inseparable from software, today announced a technology and business partnership that will allow enterprises to better protect their critical business applications and data through strong management and monitoring of privileged and application-to-application accounts.

Many organizations fail to adequately manage privileged or application-to-application (A2A) passwords which guard access to an organization’s most sensitive information such as customer and financial data. Privileged passwords are typically managed using manual processes and are hard to audit due to the anonymous nature of the accounts (in that they are not associated with a specific user). A2A passwords tend to proliferate and are often unmanaged. These passwords are known to developers and contractors and are visible in plain text inside scripts, applications, and server configuration files. Many IT groups knowingly allow A2A passwords and user IDs to remain unchanged for months or even years, creating a security risk.

“The increased emphasis on compliance has raised concerns about privileged accounts to the highest levels of the organization,” noted Mark Diodati, Senior Analyst at Burton Group. “These accounts can bypass most security controls to breach data, and remain a focal point of the insider attack. While privileged password management products are valuable – and arguably essential – for most large organizations, additional controls are needed. These controls include holistic policy management and 360 degree auditing.”

The solution combines SailPoint Compliance IQ and Cloakware Server Password Manager (CSPM) to more effectively meet the requirements of regulations such as SOX, PCI, and HIPAA and to reduce the risk of data breaches, fraud, or loss of intellectual property. Using strong analytics and data mining capabilities, Compliance IQ provides organizations with an enterprise-wide view of user access privileges and the ability to apply automated controls and policy to user access. Cloakware CSPM eliminates the need for shared accounts by securely storing privileged user ids and passwords in a central repository and maintaining complete control over the use of privileged accounts by IT personnel.

The partnership between SailPoint and Cloakware gives organizations an out-of-the-box solution that eliminates the need to build custom integration and speeds time-to-deployment, providing four key features:

  • Access Certification and Remediation – incorporates privileged user accounts into Compliance IQ’s automated workflow for access certification. A decision to revoke or modify privileged account access triggers a request from Compliance IQ to Cloakware Server Password Manager to restrict the allocation and ongoing use of that account by that user.
  • Policy Checks – enables Cloakware Server Password Manager to query Compliance IQ to determine if granting privileged access to a user will violate any identity governance policies such as Separation-of-Duty. This capability allows organizations to implement “preventive compliance” by checking policies before credential changes are introduced into the IT environment.
  • Privileged User Monitoring – correlates Cloakware Server Password Manager’s comprehensive log of how workers are using privileged accounts with the identity data in Compliance IQ, providing a holistic view of how privileged access is being used across enterprise resources.
  • Risk Modeling – factors the privileged account data from Cloakware Server Password Manager into Compliance IQ’s identity risk model to calculate a unique identity risk score for each privileged user. The solution can also assign risk scores to application and system resources based on the number of privileged user and application-to-application accounts that reside on that resource.

“Combining the privileged user management capabilities of Cloakware with the identity risk management capabilities of SailPoint enables organizations to strengthen internal controls and better protect business assets,” said Mark McClain, chief executive officer of SailPoint. “Together, we provide the visibility to identify and proactively address potential exposures that otherwise would be difficult to detect.”
“Recent cases of data theft in large organizations around the world have underlined the need for closed loop password and identity risk management systems,” said David Canellos, chief operating officer and president of Cloakware. “Linking Cloakware’s password management system to SailPoint’s identity risk management systems is an elegant solution to enforce individual business policies and information technology policies. The combined solution significantly reduces the likelihood of data breaches, fraud and the loss of intellectual property. We are looking forward to offering this solution to our customers around the globe.”

The integrated solution offering from SailPoint and Cloakware is available now. The two companies are collaborating on marketing, sales, and customer deployments.

About Cloakware
Cloakware, an Irdeto company, is the security solutions provider that makes security inseparable from the software it protects. From applications and databases in corporate data centers, to PCs and consumer devices such as mobile phones and set-top boxes, software applications need to protect themselves from unauthorized user access and tampering. Cloakware’s patented, layered, and compliance-driven approach to software self-protection delivers the trusted environment that the government, enterprise and consumer markets require. Cloakware’s software security solutions protect more than one billion shipped applications and the assets of some of the world’s largest, most recognizable and technologically advanced companies. The company is headquartered in Vienna, VA with offices in Ottawa, Canada and the UK, and regional sales offices throughout the US. For more information, please go to www.cloakware.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]