IdentityIQ 6.4 Features Native Mobile Business User Experience

AUSTIN, April 21, 2015 – The widespread adoption of mobile devices across the enterprise is changing business user expectations for how and when they access critical applications to do their job – and identity and access management (IAM) is no different. SailPoint today introduced a responsive mobile user interface to make using IdentityIQ as easy on a mobile device as from a desktop. The enhanced mobile user experience, included in the latest release of IdentityIQ, provides a sleek interface designed to increase user productivity by empowering business users to participate in the organizations compliance and security efforts from the device of their choice.

To achieve the new mobile experience, SailPoint leveraged the AngularJS and Bootstrap frameworks to enable the company’s UX designers and developers to create a responsive user interface that automatically adjusts to changes in the browser, such as device screen size or the orientation of the device. SailPoint architected the new mobile user interface using a browser-based approach, rather than developing a custom mobile application. There are many benefits to this model, including having a single code base for IdentityIQ that supports all devices alleviating the need for customers to deploy different interfaces for different types of devices, and the ability to streamline the maintenance and updating processes for customers and their end users, which ultimately saves time and reduces costs.

SailPoint’s approach to mobile IAM also ensures that all the security controls and functionality offered in IdentityIQ are extended to business users regardless of which device they are utilizing. Now, business users can easily reset passwords, make access requests, and approve access from their mobile device while IdentityIQ automatically validates the changes against established policy to prevent violations and maintain security and compliance.

“We live and work in a mobile world, and providing enhanced IAM functionality from any device, at any time has become vital for business success,” said Paul Trulove, vice president of product management. “From day one, our mission has been to provide IAM solutions that make it easier for business and IT groups to work together to get a handle on ‘who has access to what’ based on our customers’ current environment – and today that includes a myriad of mobile devices. This latest version of IdentityIQ is another step toward our vision to ensure that customers get active, ongoing participation from business users any time, anywhere in the IAM process – whether it is someone using a tablet on a train, or requesting access from a smartphone in a meeting.”

Additional capabilities with the new interface will be available later in 2015.

About SailPoint

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