IdentityIQ Extends Identity Governance to the Cloud, Allowing Companies to Centrally Manage User Access Across All IT Environments

AUSTIN, March 29, 2011 – While many companies are deploying software as a service (SaaS) applications and have selectively deployed enterprise applications in private clouds, very few have moved mission-critical applications to the public cloud. In fact, a recent SailPoint survey of Global 1000 showed that only 7% of respondents have moved compliance-relevant applications to the public cloud; security and compliance issues were the primary inhibitors to cloud adoption.

SailPoint is helping companies address these compliance and security barriers with a new solution, the Cloud Identity Bridge, which seamlessly extends the identity management capabilities of SailPoint IdentityIQ to all applications deployed in cloud environments. With Cloud Identity Bridge, SailPoint is removing key roadblocks to cloud adoption by enabling organizations to manage identities and access privileges in the cloud in the same manner that they govern them for applications in the datacenter.

“Organizations face too many unknowns related to compliance and security in cloud environments to consider moving mission-critical IT assets there,” said Darran Rolls, CTO of SailPoint. “Yet, many business units are already deploying SaaS applications without engaging the IT organization, creating major gaps in the visibility and control over potentially sensitive data. In order to safely adopt cloud computing, companies need to govern identity and access data deployed in the cloud in the same manner that they govern applications in the datacenter.”
SailPoint customers already use IdentityIQ to govern and manage user access privileges spanning datacenter applications and SaaS applications such as Salesforce CRM and Google Apps. With the SailPoint Cloud Identity Bridge, customers can extend their existing identity governance and provisioning programs to manage applications in private and public cloud environments. This allows customers to maintain a single, centralized governance approach for all identity audit and administration functions, independent of where the applications are deployed, including: performing access certifications; remediating policy violations; producing audit and compliance reports; requesting access; and provisioning changes.

The SailPoint Cloud Identity Bridge allows customers to dramatically simplify the management and control of applications deployed in public and private clouds through a single, centralized governance platform. The Cloud Identity Bridge is deployed in the cloud, alongside managed applications, and ensures secure, highly reliable data exchange between cloud-based applications and IdentityIQ running in the datacenter.
“Our approach makes it easy for customers to connect to and manage mission-critical applications and data in the public cloud,” continued Rolls. “The Cloud Identity Bridge resides in the cloud with applications to be managed and consolidates transactions from IdentityIQ to and from these applications. It minimizes the work our customers need to do to extend identity governance and provisioning best practices to the cloud.”
SailPoint hosted a free webinar to discuss identity management issues affecting cloud adoption. To view that webinar online, please visit:http://e.sailpoint.com/Surveys/27/6C57497E970A15E4/index.aspx. For more information on SailPoint Cloud Identity Bridge, please visit:https://www.sailpoint.com/cloud.

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