SailPoint Market Pulse Survey Indicates Companies Still Lack Confidence in the Effectiveness of Controls

AUSTIN, December 16, 2010 – According to the latest SailPoint Market Pulse Survey, which polled IT managers and directors at Global 1000 companies around the world, a significant number of Global 1000 companies still lack the proper internal controls over, and visibility into, employee access to sensitive applications and data.More than half of the survey’s 100 respondents reported they are not confident that an employee’s access privileges are appropriately granted when a new hire joins the company or promptly revoked when an employee leaves. An astonishing 63% of the participants do not have full visibility into their employees’ access rights.
SailPoint has been conducting regular surveys since 2008 to monitor the economy’s impact on corporate governance. This year, two-thirds of the participants said the recession has had no impact on their company’s policies and controls around access privileges. Yet, 28% admitted they failed an IT audit and 19% have experienced a security breach in the last two years.

“In the past two years since our first Market Pulse Survey, companies have faced a lot of corporate churn from hastily completed mergers and layoffs,” said Jackie Gilbert, vice president of marketing and cofounder at SailPoint. “IT managers were forced to make tough tradeoffs to reduce security spending, but they had little choice. Unfortunately, this leaves companies exposed to fraud and sabotage, and failed IT audits that can have significant fines attached to them. Now that the economy is stabilizing, these companies need to take a step back and ensure that they have good identity governance in place.”
The Market Pulse Survey also polled respondents about their expectations for 2011. More than 80% of the companies are concerned about potential security breaches in 2011. They see four key business drivers for identity management projects: compliance; security; enabling key business units; and automating user administration. To help address these business imperatives, the majority of companies expect the same or higher budgets for identity management in 2011.

“Companies have their work cut out for them in 2011,” Gilbert said. “In addition to addressing security and compliance concerns, they also must address the need to provide for more efficient user administration and support for new business services. Identity governance solutions like SailPoint IdentityIQ can help companies cost-effectively address all of these requirements with a single, unified solution for compliance, security and user lifecycle management, helping companies stretch already tight resource budgets.”

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