Orrstown Bank Addresses Compliance Requirements, Improves Access Services

AUSTIN, April 2, 2015SailPoint, the leader in identity and access management (IAM), continues to see significant industry adoption of its IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS) offering, IdentityNow, for password management, single sign-on (SSO), identity governance and provisioning. One of the most recent customers, Orrstown Bank, selected IdentityNow because of its broad IAM capabilities, including automated access certifications, which will improve the bank’s ability to stay ahead of the growing list of regulatory and security requirements. In addition to addressing compliance challenges, Orrstown Bank is committed to outpacing its competitors by adopting innovative technologies, like IdentityNow, to help protect customer data and provide more efficient services.

With nearly $1.2 billion in assets, Orrstown Financial Services, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orrstown Bank, provide a full range of financial services throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. The bank will implement the IdentityNow Access Certification Service in its first phase to support regular automated reviews, and ensure that authorized employees and third parties only have the access required for their particular job or relationship with the bank. With IdentityNow’s intuitive user interface and fully integrated identity governance and provisioning capabilities, Orrstown will see immediate benefits from a robust IAM solution that is easy to use and can grow with the business. Once access certification is in place, Orrstown will quickly roll out the IdentityNow Single Sign-on (SSO) and IdentityNow Password Management capabilities to provide end users the convenience of a single place to manage passwords, while providing IT organizations with the controls to ensure strong, unique passwords are being used.

“As we evolved our IT program to a cloud-first approach, we also began looking for an IAM solution that delivered the cost savings, flexibility and ease of use of a SaaS application,” said Andrew Linn, SVP and CISO of Orrstown Bank. “While the IDaaS model was important to us, we were primarily focused on finding a solution that could handle the complex and robust use cases we deal with on a daily basis. IdentityNow was the only IDaaS solution that provided the breadth and depth of coverage to manage ‘who has access to what’ across our entire IT infrastructure, as well as the ability to scale as our business grows. IdentityNow met all of our requirements and was the logical choice for Orrstown Bank.”

SailPoint IdentityNow: Providing Quick Time to Value

In introducing IdentityNow, SailPoint wanted to offer customers a comprehensive IAM solution for on-premises, cloud and mobile environments, coupled with the benefits of SaaS – including faster time to value, ease of use, and lower operational and upgrade costs. With SailPoint’s history and experience solving complex IAM challenges for the world’s largest organizations, the company is uniquely positioned to provide an enterprise-wide IDaaS solution for password management, SSO, compliance and provisioning. Customers are quickly seeing IdentityNow as a simple-to-deploy, cost-effective SaaS solution that provides immediate value to business and IT users with services that are fast to set up and easy to use.

As one of IdentityNow’s initial customers, CISO of Freescale Semiconductor, Roger Gilhooly has also already experienced the value of the offering. According to Gilhooly, “Simply put, SailPoint gets identity. When we decided to purchase a cloud-based IAM solution, we were worried that we’d need multiple solutions to address our complex IAM requirements. With SailPoint’s IdentityNow, we have the confidence of an enterprise-wide IAM solution, which spans both on-premises and SaaS applications while providing incredibly intuitive interfaces for our business users. IdentityNow will be able to scale with us in the future as our company evolves to help safeguard against risk and meet stringent industry regulations.”

For more information on IdentityNow, download the comprehensive guide for IDaaS in the Enterprise.

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