Partnership Will Focus on Helping Organizations Strengthen Internal Controls and Improve Business Performance

Control Solutions International and SailPoint Technologies today announced a partnership to help organizations significantly improve their ability to identify, analyze and reduce business risks associated with user access to critical enterprise systems and data.

Through their collaboration, the two companies will launch the Identity Risk Management Service, a comprehensive solution that provides industry-leading tools, methodologies and best practices to help customers implement strong and consistent controls over who has access to critical information – and what they do with it. The offering will combine Control Solutions’ IT controls expertise with SailPoint’s innovative risk management technology to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and provide a more holistic view of identity and access data across an organization.

“Some of the most common and complicated issues our clients deal with are related to identity risk management,” said Justin Morrow of Control Solutions. “When you consider the hundreds of applications and thousands of users in most large enterprises, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the moving parts. Add to that inefficient manual processes – and the communication gap between business groups and IT departments – and you’ve got a significant challenge on your hands. SailPoint Compliance IQ helps companies centralize and filter critical identity information, giving enterprises the ability to rank, prioritize and focus strategic compliance efforts based on measurable risk.”

Control Solutions’ professional services team helps organizations design, build and implement internal control solutions that mitigate risks associated with user access to information, applications, processes and other resources. Once deployed, these solutions assist enterprises in identifying errors, fraud and inefficiencies by independently checking and validating identity-related transactions against specified control parameters and business rules. As a result, management and process owners receive timely notification of control failures and can quickly review quantified risks, investigating and resolving potential problems before they escalate.

“Identity-related risks are inherent in every large organization, representing serious potential threats to business trust and corporate accountability,” said Kevin Cunningham, president and founder of SailPoint. “Our partnership with Control Solutions will help businesses identify and prioritize their risk management efforts more effectively, using templates, best practices and proven industry expertise to strengthen internal controls and significantly improve business performance.”

SailPoint Compliance IQ uses advanced data mining and analytics to provide meaningful business context for the volumes of identity data generated by diverse IT systems and applications. The product’s key capabilities focus on the prevention, detection and correction of identity-related risks, with specific emphasis in the areas of risk assessment, access certification, activity monitoring and policy enforcement.

About Control Solutions International
Control Solutions is a leading independent internal audit, compliance, risk management and technology firm that provides a wide range of advisory services, comprehensive solutions and innovative products globally. For more than 15 years, Control Solutions has been the trusted advisor to over 500 public, private, nonprofit and government clients. Our experienced professionals reflect our distinctive culture, placing the interests of our clients first and emphasizing integrity, commitment to quality, innovation and teamwork. For more information, visit www.controlsolutions.com.

About SailPoint
SailPoint Technologies, Inc. develops identity governance software that helps organizations gain control over user access to critical systems and data, streamline costly IT compliance processes and reduce the risks of fraud, corporate data loss or theft and failed audits. Founded in December 2005, SailPoint is based in Austin, Texas.