SailPoint AccessIQ Delivers Innovative Cloud Access Management via Seamless Integration to SailPoint IdentityIQ

WASHINGTON, D.C. (GARTNER SECURITY & RISK MANAGEMENT SUMMIT), June 11, 2012 – Recognizing that cloud adoption is making identity management more complex and difficult for the world’s largest companies, SailPoint today announced SailPoint AccessIQTM, the industry’s first solution that seamlessly integrates cloud access management with rich identity governance and automated provisioning. AccessIQ provides convenient, easy-to-use services such as single sign-on (SSO) and self-service access request, while ensuring that cloud applications are managed within the same identity governance framework used for on-premises applications. Delivered as a cloud service, AccessIQ deploys quickly and allows enterprises to immediately take advantage of convenient cloud access services coupled with improved visibility and oversight over their usage.

“The consumerization of IT has changed business user expectations. They want fast, simple and convenient access to cloud services without being slowed down by IT processes and controls,” said Jackie Gilbert, VP and GM of SailPoint’s Cloud Business Unit. “And, we see a growing trend of ‘bring your own application,’ where workers self-provision cloud applications. Both scenarios make it more difficult to monitor and control when and where users are placing sensitive data in the cloud, which brings a host of security and compliance concerns. IT can’t manage compliance and risk if it doesn’t have visibility into the cloud applications used throughout the enterprise.”

Designed for empowered business users looking for a more flexible and agile way to address business challenges, AccessIQ provides an intuitive, tablet-like interface to deliver services that improve productivity and user satisfaction. AccessIQ includes an intuitive App Launchpad for one-click, single sign-on to cloud applications from any device, step-up authentication options for added security, as well as simple self-service application request capabilities, via an easy-to-use App Store. This empowers business users to safely use cloud applications for business or mixed-use purposes, with approvals and provisioning handled automatically based on organizational roles and security policies.

SailPoint AccessIQ, together with SailPoint IdentityIQTM, offers the richest set of end-to-end controls over cloud applications available today. AccessIQ’s integration with IdentityIQ provides an enterprise-grade governance platform for managing identities and applications in the cloud, with policy, role, and risk models unified with on-premises application identity management. To extend governance to applications outside the control of IT, AccessIQ provides:

  • Full visibility of user sign-on activity and account usage, enabling business unit procured applications and SaaS applications procured by individuals to be managed as part of an enterprise-wide identity governance strategy.
  • A flexible, risk-based approach to cloud application identities so IT organizations can tailor how they manage and control those applications without locking down the environment and getting in the way of the business.
  • Full audit reporting on application usage and “who has access to what” to demonstrate compliance and control monthly subscription expenses by promptly deprovisioning unused or unauthorized cloud application accounts.
  • SailPoint AccessIQ is a fully hosted, multi-tenant solution that seamlessly and securely integrates with SailPoint IdentityIQ. It will be generally available in Q3 2012 with per-user subscription-based pricing.

About SailPoint  
SailPoint, the market-leading provider of identity management solutions, helps the world’s largest organizations mitigate risk, reduce IT costs and ensure compliance. The company’s innovative solutions, IdentityIQTM and AccessIQTM, provide superior visibility into and control over user access to sensitive applications and data, both on–premises and in the cloud. SailPoint’s product suite provides customers a unified solution for risk-aware compliance management, closed-loop user lifecycle management, flexible provisioning, cloud access management, and identity intelligence – all based on an integrated governance model. Founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has offices in Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel and the Netherlands.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]