Secure your customer data and your organization.

You rely on Salesforce to stay connected to your customers, prospects and partners. But do you know how secure their information is and who has access to that data? With privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, not knowing can be an expensive mistake.

SailPoint’s integration with Salesforce gives you policy-based access controls so you can be sure only the right users can see and touch this critical information. Take control of sensitive data, your relationships and reputation depend on it.

  • Create a more secure Salesforce environment
  • Automate processes to reduce compliance risk
  • Make sure the right users have access

Manage what users can see and do

Salesforce example

How does SailPoint integrate with Salesforce

SailPoint imports users, groups and entitlement information to give you complete control of your Salesforce instance.

Aggregate accounts and entitlements

SailPoint and Salesforce integration diagram

Password management

SailPoint and Salesforce integration diagram

With SailPoint you can:

Create a secure access environment

Reduce security risks by applying uniform access policies and detailed entitlement controls in Salesforce.

Streamline the access approval process

Automate access requests and provisioning to make Salesforce user, profile and entitlement management easier and faster than ever before.

Reduce compliance risks

Avoid regulatory non-compliance with access policies and detailed audit trails.

Support hybrid environments

Whether your applications and data reside within your data center or in the cloud, SailPoint lets you govern it with a centralized set of controls and policies.

Take control of your cloud platform.

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