Manage access for every identity across your hybrid IT environment

Managing and controlling access across your cloud and legacy applications and file shares can seem complex.

The good news is SailPoint has it figured out for you. By integrating with Microsoft Azure AD, we help you seamlessly provision and deprovision access across all your apps and file shares — making life much easier for your IT staff. And with access policies set according to user roles, you can be confident that your migration to the cloud is secure and compliant.

  • Control access to any on-premise or cloud application
  • Stay secure and compliant with policy-based access controls
  • Increase efficiency and save IT costs with automated self-services

Use Azure AD data to build identity profiles and ensure compliance.

Azure example

How does SailPoint integrate with Azure Active Directory?

SailPoint imports Azure Active Directory data to help you manage identity profiles. With our out-of-the-box integration, you can govern operational activities from a central dashboard — including password management.

Authoritative source

Create an identity profile with employee data from Azure AD such as email and access entitlement. Identity profile is use to create, manage, and remove access to company resources


Aggregate and update EMP (employee) records. Create, update, and delete accounts

Password management

User confirms identity via multi-factor authorization and resets password through self-service interface. SailPoint informs Azure AD of password reset. Azure AD confirms password reset with SailPoint

Our Azure Active Directory integration allows you to:

Manage everything from one central view

  • Manage multiple domains or forests for users, groups, and mail users from a single application
  • Grant access based on employee lifecycle events like joiner, mover, or leaver

Manage and govern access

Streamline access approval to any application with the confidence that it adheres to your defined access policies.

Know when something changes

Be alerted when something changes in Azure AD — including object actions, policy changes, account lock and group policy changes.

Manage all those licenses

  • Provision access based on your approved licensing of apps
  • Customize how your plans are scanned to check for dependency
  • Customize the distribution while assigning or revoking licenses

Go beyond access management and
start governing access

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