As digital transformation and movement to the cloud continue to reshape today’s modern enterprise, it is more vital than ever that organizations focus on protecting and securing their data and users, no matter where they reside.  For as many benefits that digital transformation brings, there are also many associated challenges. 

Organizations must manage an increasingly complex set of infrastructure, applications, and data, which is compounded by the need to secure and govern every point of digital access.  IT simply does not have enough hands to stay on top of security and compliance demands.  Yesterday’s human-based governance approach can no longer keep up with this ongoing digital transformation and exponential growth. Human effort can only scale so much, and with it comes error in identifying risk.

As more companies move much of their business onto infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions like Microsoft Azure to leverage its flexibility, efficiency, and agility, being able to secure every single users’ access to anything and everything housed in the cloud is beyond critical.  

Organizations need to rethink how identity can address these needs and move them into a modern enterprise, enabling them to do more, see more and secure more.

Gartner predicts that cloud system infrastructure services, or infrastructure as a service (IaaS), will reach $74 billion by 2022 and continue to grow 24% year over year, which is the highest growth rate across all cloud market segments. This growth is directly attributed to the demands of modern applications and workloads, which require infrastructure that traditional data centers cannot meet.

SailPoint helps answer three critical questions:

  • Who has access to your applications and files?
  • Should they have access?
  • And how is that access being used?

This fine-grained visibility and control help companies more quickly identify risks, spot compliance issues, and make the right decisions to strengthen controls.

The SailPoint Predictive Identity platform provides the power of enterprise-grade identity governance, coupled with the convenience of delivering your identity program from the cloud.  SailPoint integrates with Microsoft Azure to deliver seamless and streamlined lifecycle management and compliance experience. It connects and integrates with all applications, file storage, and the Azure cloud platform, helping ensure access is always appropriate and according to policy. 

As the industry leader, SailPoint offers the most comprehensive identity governance overall data, applications, and cloud resources for Microsoft platforms, including Azure, Azure AD, SharePoint, Office 365, and Exchange. Our AI and machine learning (ML)– driven capabilities recommend if access should be granted or revoked, adapts access models as your organization changes, and enables continuous real-time compliance, helping ensure access is always appropriate and according to policy.

Today’s rapidly changing environment demands that businesses be agile, innovative, and secure. Organizations can now join the identity governance capabilities of SailPoint with the risk-based identity and access management of Microsoft Azure to effectively manage access in the era of mobility, applications, and the cloud. 

Microsoft’s proven productivity and access management solutions combined with SailPoint’s market-leading identity governance gives enterprises a powerful way to empower their users while also protecting their digital assets.

The proven business benefits of SailPoint include: 

  • Improved business optimization and efficiencies – SailPoint Identity governance enables the automation of business and IT processes, enabling 24/7 self-service for workers to request and fulfill application and data access while adhering to corporate policies.  With our patented AI and ML, your workers automatically get the right access when they need it, and always be sure it is safe and complies with your company policies.  And reduce the cost of unnecessary IT help desk calls by empowering users to manage and reset their passwords anytime, all potentially resulting in millions of dollars of savings.  
  • Secured foundation for digitalization – Data is the foundation of an organization.  It’s stored in applications and file folders, and in order to protect it, organizations must understand and control who has access to it and what they do with it without impeding productivity.  By centralizing the visibility and control of all your users’ access, you can automatically adjust or remove access as users change roles or leave the organization.  Leveraging the power of AI & ML, you can identify risky behavior and mitigate potential threats.  
  • Audit-readiness and compliance – Identity governance provides the ability to implement and enforce access controls and processes to adhere to regulatory requirements and demonstrate that compliance with your board or auditors.  Implementing these strong internal controls and being able to report against it helps ensure organizations stay compliant with industry regulations, such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR.

Co-Operative Group provides a great example of how they have integrated SailPoint and Microsoft Azure to help govern their data, applications & users.  As part of Co-op’s cloud-first approach and strategy, deploying SailPoint on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform was a key aspect of the implementation.  They can leverage all the benefits of their identity governance program balanced with the agility, security, and efficiencies provided with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and service.  

Implementing SailPoint on Microsoft Azure allows them to more quickly and easily deploy and manage the overall solution without having to buy or maintain the underlying infrastructure.  The combination of SailPoint deployed on Microsoft Azure’s integrated cloud platform meets their security and compliance requirements while reducing costs, time, and overall resources.

As a Microsoft One Commercial Partner, SailPoint and Microsoft help ensure a higher degree of security for Microsoft’s cloud platform, given the tight integration with SailPoint’s identity governance platform. The partnership also helps to accelerate the adoption of SailPoint’s best-in-class identity governance platform by enterprises whose business runs on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. 

Since SailPoint is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, providing applications and services for use on Azure, SailPoint customers can take advantage of the proven and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.

As digital transformation continues to reshape today’s modern enterprise, it is vital that organizations keep focusing on protecting and securing their data, no matter where it resides. Identity governance provides the foundation to know who has access to what and how they utilize that access. This provides organizations the ability to move faster, be more agile, and better address the needs of its employees, partners, and customers in a secure, compliant and, efficient manner.  

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