Enterprises are chasing the dual goal of driving digital transformation to accelerate velocity across the business while keeping the business secure. To address this need, IT organizations are adopting Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium to empower and protect their business to meet their demanding identity and security needs. In addition, managing and controlling access for every identity across your cloud and legacy applications and data is paramount for today’s complex IT organization. To meet the unique security and compliance needs of organizations, Microsoft and SailPoint bring together identity management and protection with AI-driven governance.

Key capabilities such as access certifications, access requests, separation-of-duty policies, role management, and audit reporting to enhance Azure Active Directory’s unique access management and identity protection services; providing the compliance, enhanced security efficiencies that organization’s require today to be competitive.

Microsoft and SailPoint Collaborative Integration

Organizations can now apply the AI-driven governance capabilities of SailPoint and the risk-based identity and access management protection of Microsoft Azure Active Directory to more platforms and applications on-premises and in the cloud.

AM and IG
  • Single Sign-On – Streamline access for all end users through to application on-premises and in the cloud. Any cloud.
  • Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication – Application access control policies based on location, application sensitivity and device state help eliminate the risk of unauthorized access. Built-in multi-factor authentication gives you an additional security layer for protected access.
  • Risk-Based Identity Protection – Robust analytics and machine learning that help avert even the most malicious threats before they start by providing meaningful insights and risk-based automated policies.
  • B2B Collaboration – Simplify management and improve security of partner, vendor and contractor access to corporate resources, including SaaS apps such as Office 365, Salesforce and more.
  • Self-Service Password Reset– Ease password reset requests initiated from the Microsoft Access Panel and propagated throughout the hybrid enterprise.
  • User and Group Management and Provisioning – Leverage a combination of Azure Active Directory group-based access control for all segments of Azure users which could be Members, Guest Users (B2B) or your consumers (B2C). Manage the complete lifecycle of user base from single fine-grained application.
  • Automated Provisioning – Automated provisioning with fine grained entitlements to execute your Joiner -Mover and Leaver process across all applications (cloud and on-premises) and throughout the lifecycle of each user.
  • Access Request – Enable all types of users to request access to applications which routes through appropriate approval workflows and automatically provisions approved entitlements on the applicable systems in a flexible self-service model.
  • Access Certification – Automate supervisor and/or asset owner reviews of all access held by all users based on company specific policies and audit requirements; automatically de-provision unapproved access or simply highlight access denials in a report.
  • Separation of Duties – Leverage out of the box or create your own policies using granular data points so that you can detect and prevent conflicts of interest and potential fraud across all applications.
  • Compliance and Audit Reporting – Demonstrate compliance with access policies using pre-defined reports.
  • AI and Machine Learning – Anticipate user access needs, identify risky behavior, achieve continuous compliance, and adapt and automate security policies.
  • Policy-Based Workflow and Approvals – Govern all changes to all entitlements using approval workflows, separation-of-duty policies and access risk analysis.
  • Cloud Governance – SailPoint gives you a comprehensive view of access to all resources across your multi-cloud infrastructure. From a single dashboard, our AI insights help you make faster, more informed access decisions, detect potential risks and easily enforce access policies for all users.

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