SailPoint’s Rich Keith explains what certification review means and what exactly it does for organizations today.

Video Transcript

Rich Keith: Certification review. What does that mean inn identity management? Well, think of it as an automated periodic way of making sure people have the right access to the right applications. We know employees will move to different jobs over the course of their career and during that time they need more access to more data or more systems. But in order to remain secure and audit ready, you have to make sure that the access is reviewed periodically and is appropriate for every user. By the way, this also includes robotic or non-human processes to. So somebody, usually a manager, needs to review access on a periodic basis. It’s automated so it makes it easy for your business to manage approvals and to keep your auditors happy. Once certified the access is automatically adjusted and documented for future audit purposes. So with these certification reviews, you can identify risky access too because you can identify users who might have more access than they need to do their job. And so it can be removed and keep you much more compliant and much more secure. So with certification reviews, you can forget about complicated spreadsheets as a way of tracking all this because by automating the process, managers can easily respond to access review requests and certification Requests at any time.

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