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Protecting Unstructured Data with SailPoint

Find out how you can protect applications and unstructured data together with SailPoint’s unified identity governance approach. Welcome to this short informational video on using SailPoint to protect your unstructured data. SailPoint is the industry leader for identity governance, and File Access Manager is the SailPoint service that provides identity [...]



Blue Prism Breaks Down RPA and Identity

The use of RPA and software bot saves time and money, but many are not secure without identity governance controlling what these technologies can access. Lou Bachenheimer with SailPoint Partner Blue Prism explains. Taylor Wiggins: Hello everyone, I’m Taylor Wiggins and welcome to Identity Talks. As we know robotic process [...]



Optiv On Quick Identity Wins

Optiv’s Julie Talbot-Hubbard sits down with SailPoint to discuss some business challenges that identity can solve Natalie Reina: Hi I’m Natalie Reina with SailPoint, this is Identity Talks. Today I’m joined with Optiv’s Julie Talbot-Hubbard. Optiv is a leading services and delivery partner with SailPoint, welcome Julie. Julie Talbot-Hubbard: Thank [...]



Identity Management for Remote Workers

To enable business continuity, your workforce, contractors, suppliers, and vendors need immediate and secure access to all essential tools and applications – from anywhere at any time. *required field Title Dr. Miss Mr. Mrs. Ms. Misc. Mx. Ind. Prof. Rev. Sir Sister Choose Your Country* United States United Kingdom Canada [...]



Ping Identity on the Next Generation Workforce

Ping Identity’s CTO Baber Amin discusses what the future security of remote work looks like, and shares how identity is at the center of it all. David Manks: Hi everyone I’m David Manks and welcome to SailPoint Identity Talks. These certainly have been challenging times for organizations especially IT and [...]



2 Minutes to Recommendation Engine

SailPoint Recommendation Engine can help you decide whether access should be granted or removed. Learn how recommendations can help your team make more informed access decisions with the power of AI.



Protecting Clinical Data with Identity

Healthcare organizations have clinical data that spans many applications and systems. SailPoint’s AVP of Healthcare Matthew Radcliffe breaks down what this data sprawl looks like and how to protect all of it with identity. Hannah Giles: Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Identity Talks. Today we have [...]



Access Insights – Access History

See how SailPoint’s Access Insights gives you the ability to see and report on past access changes in your business.



Access Insights – Data Explore

See how SailPoint’s Access Insights can help you visualize and understand your identity data into actionable insights.



Deep Dive Into Network Graphs and Why They Are Important To Identity

SailPoint’s Data Scientist Jostine Ho gives us a deep dive into the AI solutions used to fine-tune SailPoint Predictive Identity featuring network graphs and their importance to the platform. Natalie Reina: Hello I’m Natalie Reina and today I’m with SailPoint data scientist Jostine Ho. At SailPoint the data science team [...]