Forrester Discusses Critical Elements for Securing Identities

According to a recent Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) report, 95% of surveyed enterprises have experienced identity-related breaches. That’s no surprise given the fact that each identity and their associated access represents potential risk to your organization. As a result, identity security remains paramount for modern enterprises, yet the ability to do it right has moved well beyond human capacity. 

Watch our discussion with Forrester to learn why AI and Machine Learning are critical to secure your modern enterprise. Hear how you can automate the discovery, management and control of ALL user access.

  • Exponential Intelligence: Find out what it takes to get a complete view of all users and their access and more importantly ensure each identity always has the right access to do their job, no more no less.
  • Frictionless Automation:  Discover how you can eliminate manual processes and automate identity decisions, like access requests, certifications and role modeling.
  • Comprehensive Integration: See how to connect and control access across your entire digital ecosystem, no matter how complex your environment or where it operates – in the cloud, on prem or hybrid.

This year, free your workers to focus on innovation, collaboration and productivity, while reducing risk and improving total cost of ownership for your business.

Leave compliance and security risks worries behind in 2021. 

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