Identity CubeTM

What is SailPoint’s Identity Cube Technology?
In today’s dynamic business environment, every organization needs a robust identity governance solution that simultaneously empowers and secures their business. Identity governance allows organizations to embrace new initiatives and partnerships and, at the same time, protect themselves and their customers from malicious actors seeking to profit from the theft of sensitive data and personal information. Organizations require a balanced approach to seize new opportunities without elevating risk which might result in a breach—and subsequently, a damaged brand, loss of customer trust, and financial liability. The need for identity governance has never been greater.

However, all identity governance offerings are not created equal. In the rush to put protections in place, organizations may be quick to select a solution without a comprehensive understanding of the users and applications they seek to govern. Without a comprehensive view over all users and all systems (including applications running on-premises or in the cloud), security controls are established without sufficient regard for users and their access within the environment. The result is a precarious network of arbitrary rules which may also become outdated the moment it’s rolled out rather than a robust identity governance program that will serve as a core enabler for the business to function with confidence.

SailPoint identity governance enables organizations to lay a strong foundation for their security programs by realizing the importance of a well-developed understanding of identity. SailPoint solutions equip customers with the ability to quickly survey their current environments, identifying users and their access to applications and data. The results of this analysis is compiled into a single, 360-degree view of an identity, known as an “Identity Cube.”

Identity Cube™
SailPoint’s Identity Cube technology and SaaS services present each real-world person in a single, holistic view, and allow the user to, among other things, identify risk and evaluate identity data. Not merely a description of their name and basic attributes, Identity Cube technology centralizes all relevant information about an identity and its relationship to applications and data. Users are profiled from a number of perspectives:

  • Personal identity attributes
  • Application accounts owned by the user
  • Entitlements on each account
  • How the user complies with established governance policy
  • Historical snapshots of the user’s state
  • An assessment of the user’s current risk profile

This unique combination of perspectives is then unified into a single view with multiple facets using SailPoint’s Identity Cube technology, which establishes a comprehensive understanding of each identity and how it relates to the IT environment. This becomes the foundational building block for a strong, effective, and efficient identity governance program.

As an example, one of the many benefits of Identity Cube technology is to enable organizations to quickly identify toxic and vulnerable combinations that can compromise the integrity of business processes. For example, an employee could inadvertently have the ability to create and open purchase orders as well as have entitlements to review and approve the same purchase orders. Identifying these types of vulnerabilities allows an organization to quickly correct the issue and apply governance policies that will prevent these risky practices in the future.

Organizations seeking to secure their increasingly complex IT environments, while facilitating agility and growth in their business operations, must put identity governance at the foundation of their strategy. The foundation of any such program must be a clear understanding of identity; SailPoint establishes that single view of identity through the use of its innovative Identity Cube technology. By consolidating an identity’s attributes and access into a single view, it lays the foundation for a strong, efficient, and effective security program.