Today’s enterprise faces the challenge of accelerating digital transformation. IT teams oversee an ever-expanding number of users, apps, and data in a variety of operating environments. Securing this sprawling ecosystem is essential to your productivity and meeting regulatory compliance. However, doing it right has moved well beyond human capacity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help organizations stay ahead of security and compliance issues.

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With AI and ML as its foundation, SailPoint’s Identity Security automates the discovery, management, and control of ALL user access. This allows you to not only control access ensuring users have the access they need when they need it, but also to spot potential threats.

Our AI driven platform gives enterprises the ability to make better identity decisions. Create access models, automate IT tasks, and keep policies up to date as your organization changes.

Use AI-generated recommendations to help determine what access your users should have. Continuously analyze your organization’s identity program to spot risky behavior. And easily connect and control access to every system in your organization.

One thing that we’re really looking forward to with our future with SailPoint is the ability to spot and identify patterns and data using machine learning. That’s going to help us tremendously, and soon it’s going to save us quite a lot of effort,

Tomas Rollo, Program Manager & Owner, Toyota Motors Europe

SailPoint’s Identity Platform AI services includes:

Access Insights

Turn vast amounts of identity data – including user attributes, roles, access history, and entitlements – into actionable insights so you can spot potential risks faster.

Access Modeling

Build and maintain user roles rapidly with the help of machine learning (ML)-generated insights to continuously monitor and adjust access across your entire organization.

Recommendation Engine

Speed up lengthy certification processes with automated recommendations based on peer group analysis, identity attributes and access activity, giving managers the ability to make smarter access decisions in less time.

Implement with Ease

Implementation is straightforward with SailPoint’s efficient and time-tested approach. Whether you’re migrating from a legacy identity program or building a new one from scratch, our team is ready to help, with a track record of successful implementations including 58% of Forbes’s “World’s Most Valuable Brands.” And with strategic partnerships with delivery partners worldwide, we help customers achieve impactful business.

LogMeIn needed their critical applications to be compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). They also needed to increase operational efficiency by automating their certifications. With SailPoint, they now use AI and ML to improve accuracy and save time.

AI and ML is going to enable our governance teams to make better and quicker decisions with respect to our identity and access management strategy, employee access rights, groups, permissions, and the lifecycle of our employees going forward. AI and ML is going to help streamline our processes even further.

LogMeIn + SailPoint video

According to Forrester, the SailPoint Identity Platform offers best-in-class embedded AI/ML for a variety of use cases such as access requests, access certification, and role mining. The platform is especially strong for user lifecycle management, compliance management, and integrations with both target applications and supporting systems.

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