Le point de vue de Kevin

Paranoïa ou préparation à l’âge de la violation des données

Verizon a récemment dévoilé que son équipe juridique avait commencé une enquête sur l’impact de l’importante violation des données de Yahoo! et ses effets sur l’acquisition imminente. Selon certaines sources, l’enquête sera longue et pourrait compromettre la transaction de 4,8 milliards de dollars. Il n’est pas surprenant qu’un piratage de cette […]

L’argument de la
commodité plutôt que le contrôle

3,2 milliards. Soit le nombre de personnes connectées à Internet aujourd’hui. Un expert en sécurité pourrait regarder ce chiffre et se dire : « Voilà 3,2 milliards de risques potentiels. » Et même si ce n’était pas faux, ce chiffre démontre également le monde numérique au rythme effréné dans lequel nous vivons. Aujourd’hui, les méthodes […]

Landing the Identity Governance ‘Triple Crown’

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA as we constantly look for new and interesting ways to help our customers solve their identity challenges. We spend a lot of time with our customers to better understand their needs so we can deliver the identity solutions they require to address the evolving […]

Artificial Intelligence as a Force Multiplier

Security professionals, identity managers, and IT operations teams are under constant pressure to make rapid decisions based on an incessant flow of alerts, reports, as well as demands to support the business. Consider a recent survey from security firm FireEye which questioned enterprise security executives who said that 37 percent […]

SailPoint IdentityAI: Enabling Enterprises to Focus on Risks that Matter

In a bid to make IT operations and security infrastructures more intelligent and agile in their response to threats, SailPoint’s president and co-founder Kevin Cunningham announced during his keynote address at Navigate ’17 today that the company will add artificial intelligence to its open identity platform. IdentityAI will provide SailPoint […]

Four Years Strong: Gartner Names SailPoint a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for IGA

Delivering identity governance excellence is our mission as a company. It drives all of the hard work we do to infuse constant innovation into our products and to deliver unparalleled customer service to our customers. Being recognized by Gartner – for the fourth time running – as a Leader in […]

Yahoo: One Billion Exposed

There were one billion accounts compromised in the latest Yahoo breach, disclosed just this past week. This represents the largest data breach in history. The largest to date, prior to that? The previous Yahoo breach, disclosed in September, which impacted 500 million users. With numbers so high, it’s easy to […]

What’s the Goal for IT Leaders: Security or Compliance?   

It’s a tough question for many organizations – is it more important to be compliant or to prioritize energies on improving security? In theory, these initiatives should not be in conflict with one another. With the best of intentions, regulations are meant to help mandate best practices for security, something […]

The Key is Identity Governance: Via the Cloud or In the Data Center

In almost every identity conversation I have, I emphasize that governance is the critical foundation of any ongoing cyber-security strategy. We’ve never strayed from this fundamental principle, even as the market started looking at a cloud-based delivery model (IDaaS). As I recently wrote, the early focus on IDaaS was on […]

Dropping like Dominos: Identity is Key in Dropbox Breach

By now, you’ve all seen the headlines: Dropbox was breached well over four years ago and just now the true impact of that breach is coming to light: nearly 70 million accounts were impacted. That’s not a small number. But what’s even more interesting – and we’ve been warning companies […]