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Extensibility Made Easy with iPaaS Connectors

In the last decade, new innovative technologies have made our lives so much easier. Food arrives at our doorstep with the tap of a button. Alexa makes it easy for us to order anything we want by simply talking into a speaker. We can watch whatever movie or TV show, thanks to thousands of options on Netflix. At SailPoint, we’re taking the same approach of making our extensible SaaS […]

How to Prioritize SaaS Security and Future-Proof Your Identity Program

This blog is the final installment of our three-part series exploring “What is SaaS Management?” In this post, we’ll look at how gaining total visibility and control of all access is essential in today’s enterprise — both for reasons of efficiency and security. Check out part 1 of the series, […]

We Are With Our Customers Every Step of the Way

The SailPoint crew is fanatically focused on our customers’ success every step of the way. And our customers choose SailPoint because not only do we actively listen to what they need, we are also with them at every stop of their identity security journey. We help our customers by making […]

The Art of War on Enterprise Access Risks

If Sun Tzu were writing The Art of War today, unequivocally, he would add a few chapters and tactics to address today’s electronic warfare that extends beyond the battlefield. When penning his treatise on war approximately 2,400 years ago, Tzu wasn’t envisioning modern organizations around the world having to arm themselves to defend against cyber threats of every type—including attacks from outside hackers and even […]

Identity Transformation in the Public Sector

SailPoint talked to Jason Corbishley, CISO, Police Digital Service; and Kurt Frary, Deputy Director of Information Management & Technology / CTO Norfolk County Council, about what identity management means to them. Identity is at the heart of access controls. As more and more people choose to work from home, public […]

The (Identity Security) Easy Button

Remember the “easy button” from Staples that was all the rage in the workplace a few years ago?  Well, I get this question all the time – is there a way to make this any easier, like an “easy button” for identity security? And truth be told, for what we […]

IRS’s Justin Abold-LaBreche shares his career story and how the IRS is digitally transforming its operations

When the discussion of « digital transformation » comes up, what often first springs to mind is the digital transformation of private sector businesses. But the reality is that public sector organizations are just as busy transforming the services they offer to their citizens. Consider the Internal Revenue Service’s newly created Enterprise […]

Zen and the Art of Identity Security

In the classic book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a father and son take a cross-country motorcycle trip to connect. While the book is as philosophical as you can get, for today, I want to focus on one concept in the novel that resonated with me and how it […]

How to Incorporate SaaS Management Into Your Identity Security Program

This blog is part two in a three-part series exploring “What is SaaS Management?” In this installment, we’ll dig into the rise of SaaS and its incremental impact on identity security, and how this impacts IT teams. You can see the first installment of the series here: The Danger of SaaS Sprawl: […]

An Ocean of Data: Securing Unstructured Data in the Cloud

In a previous article, SailPoint EVP of Product, Grady Summers, depicts two seismic trends posing significant problems and challenges within organizations today: the rapid adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) – mainly through Shadow IT – and the creation and movement of massive amounts of sensitive corporate data into […]