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Sensibilisation à la cybersécurité : responsabiliser nos employés

Que ça nous plaise ou non, lorsqu’il s’agit de l’entreprise, nos employés sont le nouveau vecteur d’attaque. C’est pourquoi la formation sur la sensibilisation à la cybersécurité est si importante. Bien que nos solutions de gouvernance des identités contribuent à protéger et à responsabiliser l’entreprise, nous savons que la première […]

Cadres dirigeants : la cible facile des hackers

Vos dirigeants sont le visage de votre entreprise. Ils prennent souvent la parole lors d’événements, donnent des interviews aux médias et voyagent dans le monde entier en tant que représentants majeurs de votre marque. Ils sont visibles et accessibles, deux caractéristiques essentielles chez des leaders. Cependant, ce niveau d’exposition fait […]

Préparer les cadres dirigeants aux cyberattaques

Dans mon précédent article de blog, j’ai partagé la raison pour laquelle tout ce qui permet à vos cadres dirigeants d’exceller dans leur domaine (leur visibilité et leur accessibilité) peut également faire d’eux les cibles principales des attaques. La question est maintenant de savoir comment les préparer à ces attaques, […]

Welcome to the SailPoint Tech Blog

I’m excited to announce the launch of the SailPoint Tech Blog on Medium! The launch of our Medium blog brings us a fresh new coat of paint, but it is so much more than that. While blogging was something we were doing long before I joined the team, I realized […]

Why Remote Work is Not the New Normal

As we all struggle with Zoom fatigue, Slack overload, and months of not wearing pants (ok maybe not all of us), a very common discussion is whether this is the new normal. I’ve had this conversation with colleagues, friends, and family (ironically largely over Zoom). My perspective is that this shift to fully distributed […]

Mistaken Identity: Ransomware, Facial Recognition, and Liz Wharton

Lawyer, cybersecurity, and privacy maven Liz Wharton regales us with tales of her hand-to-hand combat experience with the Atlanta ransomware of 2018 and then unfolds the current state of facial recognition in all its manifold splendor (and we didn’t even get to cover the security of drones, yet another of […]

PSD2 and two-factor authentication: a double security challenge for banks

On September 14, 2019, the full mandate of PSD2 took effect, which means open banking will continue to make inroads into the financial fabric of society. While the full realization of this concept provides an opportunity for innovators, it also represents a unique privacy challenge. An Opportunity for Innovation Opening […]

The Identity Core

What’s the definition of a core? Years ago, there was this cheesy movie about the possible destruction of the planet. Side note: it was a weird time then. We were obsessed with making movies about the billion ways we would all die… anyway, I digress. But in this cheesy movie, […]

The Bernoulli Principle: Epidemiological Models for Identity

Smallpox is one of the deadliest diseases in all of human history. If you contracted Smallpox in the 18th century, you would have a one in three chance of dying within sixteen days. In the 20th century alone, Smallpox killed over 500 million people. Fortunately, it’s also the only infectious […]

Trust in Numbers: An Ethical (and Practical) Standard for Identity-Driven Algorithms

Who was the real Tarra Simmons? On November 16, 2017, she sat before the Washington State Supreme Court. The child of addicts and an ex-addict and ex-felon herself, she had subsequently graduated near the top of her law school class. The Washington State Law Board had denied her access to […]