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    Identity Governance

    What is the difference between the SailPoint Identity Platform and IdentityNow?

    IdentityNow is our SaaS-based identity governance platform that provides identity services including provisioning, access requests, password management, access certification and separation-of-duties.

    The SailPoint Identity Platform is our latest innovation in identity. It incorporates AI and machine learning into the core IdentityNow platform to enhance and accelerate identity related decisions and tasks. With our patented AI capabilities including Access Insights, Access Modeling and Recommendation Engine, as well as our Cloud Governance solutions, you can augment and supercharge the identity governance services provided by IdentityNow.

    Use the power of the SailPoint Identity Platform to:

    • Make more informed access decisions with AI-based recommendations
    • Turn large amounts of identity data into actionable insights
    • Build roles with the right access automatically
    • Discover and protect all your cloud platforms and workloads
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