Executive Team

Mark McClain Mark McClain

CEO & Founder

In his role as CEO, Mark brings to bear over 20 years of experience developing and leading innovative technology companies.

Kevin Cunningham Kevin Cunningham

President & Founder

In his role as president of SailPoint, Kevin oversees product development, marketing, sales, operations and services.

Darran Rolls Darran Rolls

Chief Technology Officer

Darran Rolls directs the continued development and communication of SailPoint's technology strategy and vision.

Cam McMartin Cam McMartin

Chief Financial Officer

Cam has built his career as a finance executive around helping technology companies manage periods of explosive growth.

Juliette Rizkallah Juliette Rizkallah

Chief Marketing Officer

Juliette is a 20-year marketing veteran, and is leading the company’s worldwide marketing efforts in her position as CMO.

Howard Greenfield Howard Greenfield

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Howard joined SailPoint in 2014 and is responsible for the company’s Worldwide Sales Organization.

Dave Hendrix Dave Hendrix

Senior Vice President, Client Services

As head of Services, Dave Hendrix bases every action on two key priorities: building a great team and building a base of satisfied clients.

Dave Hildebrand Dave Hildebrand

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Dave Hildebrand leads all product engineering activities at SailPoint. The worldwide engineering team spans three continents and works together to develop and bring to market SailPoint's leading identity management solutions.

Joe Gottlieb Joe Gottlieb

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

As senior vice president of corporate development, Joe Gottlieb directs SailPoint’s strategic technology partnerships and acquisitions based on the company’s growth objectives.

Paul Trulove Paul Trulove

VP, Product Management

It's a careful balancing act that Paul Trulove has perfected in his years at SailPoint – understanding clients' critical needs today and anticipating the issues they'll face tomorrow, and then making sure SailPoint's products address both.

Abby Payne Abby Payne

VP, Human Resources

Abby is instrumental in creating the company’s human resources department, including: staffing, global compensation and benefits programs, performance appraisal systems and employee development initiatives.

Troy Donley Troy Donley

VP, North American Sales

Troy Donley oversees SailPoint's North American sales activities and leads the regional sales teams.

Albert Kuo Albert Kuo

VP, APAC Sales

As the vice president of sales for Asia Pacific, Albert Kuo heads new customer acquisitions across Asia and the Pacific Rim, particularly as market adoption of SailPoint continues to grow worldwide.

Jon Burghart Jon Burghart


As General Manager of EMEA, Jon Burghart brings extensive experience and success in leading high-performing, technology teams across Europe, and will help grow the company’s presence across the continent.

Harry Gould Harry Gould

VP, Worldwide Alliances and Channels

With over 20 years of successful global management and alliance leadership experience, Harry provides strategic direction for SailPoint’s channel partners around the world.