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Rethinking Work in Identity

The world around us continues to rapidly change with the impact of COVID-19 and the sharpened focus on equality for all.  At SailPoint, we view our evolving landscape as a nearly once in a lifetime opportunity to make a significant shift in how we continue to build and grow our […]

Three Questions with Senior Manager of IT Financial Systems, Avion Rhoden

As a child growing up in the Caribbean, Avion Rhoden had dreams of becoming a corporate leader in the United States. Following high school, she set off to do just that. With her mind set on earning her MBA and launching a career in IT, and her faith keeping her […]

Identity Myth Busting

Raise your hand if you’ve heard one of these phrases recently, nodded your head and thought – “yup, that’s ‘good enough’ for my identity management needs right there.” You’re covered if you have access management. Provisioning is simple, we can do that. With MFA, you’re protected. You don’t need governance, […]

Keep Moving Forward

There are many folks who would like to think that the ‘dust has settled’ on the recently heightened awareness and focus on diversity, inclusion and equality.  While the headlines may have faded, there is still much progress to be made.  And the reality is that it won’t happen overnight.  SailPoint […]

The Corporate Winners and Losers in a Pandemic-Disrupted World

In the 2016 sci-fi movie “Arrival,” 12 alien ships arrive on Earth and provoking chaos, panic and exposure to geopolitical conflicts. Similarly, the arrival and subsequent spread of COVID-19 across the globe is causing disproportionate impacts and turmoil across the largest business sectors. Recent reports from JP Morgan and business […]

Three Questions with Senior Test Engineer, Kelly Wrinkle

Kelly Wrinkle has always had an interest in technology. While studying interactive design and game development in college, she discovered that her attention to detail and curiosity would make her a perfect fit for a career in testing. Test engineers are required to fully test a product or system to […]

Why Remote Work is Not the New Normal

As we all struggle with Zoom fatigue, Slack overload, and months of not wearing pants (ok maybe not all of us), a very common discussion is whether this is the new normal. I’ve had this conversation with colleagues, friends, and family (ironically largely over Zoom). My perspective is that this shift to fully distributed […]

Digital Transformation: How Remote Working is Speeding Adoption of Zero Trust

This blog is co-authored by David Manks, SailPoint Manager, Technology Alliances Product Marketing and Aubrey Turner, Ping Identity Executive Advisor. In today’s modern enterprises, employees ask for three things: Access to their applications and systems from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. This seems simple, right? In theory, […]

Leading with Intention: Innovation

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life. When I co-founded SailPoint 15 years ago, we were a startup where it felt like change happened every minute of every hour. To meet change head on, along with its challenges that tag along like younger siblings, innovation was the answer.   Innovation is what we […]

Three Questions with Alison (Ali) Haughton, Healthcare Marketing Manager at SailPoint

The best results often come from an unlikely place — failure. As a healthcare industry veteran, Ali Haughton has seen her fair share of success in large part because of her ability to adapt and sidestep any hurdles headed her way. Ali’s path to healthcare, to IT, and SailPoint was […]