Opinión de Mark

What’s the Most Direct Path to Good Corporate Governance?

Last week’s oil spill has me thinking about how – and when – government regulation is the ideal path to mandate corporate governance. Specifically in the IdM space, I’ve watched government regulations evolve to address transparency, privacy and consumer data protection. As I look back at what’s happened, it’s apparent […]

SailPoint Unveils a New Approach to Provisioning

This morning, we announced a next generation provisioning product that builds on the governance framework provided by our core product, IdentityIQ. The announcement is a culmination of almost two years’ work internally at SailPoint, and we believe it represents an evolutionary shift in the provisioning market that will benefit any […]

IDC/RSA Survey Highlights the Cost of Insider Threats

Like many in the industry, this week’s RSA-sponsored IDC report, “Insider Risk Management: A Framework Approach to Internal Security,” caught my eye. The report led with the finding that 52% of the respondents “characterized their incidents arising from insider threats as predominantly accidental.” This in turn triggered a media storm […]

Business Process Management: A Key Element of Identity Governance

Last week, I was very pleased to see Burton Group publish a report entitled “Access and Identity Governance: Leading to Transparency and Visibility.” The report, authored by Gerry Gebel, describes how an access and identity governance layer has emerged to address enterprise needs for greater transparency, visibility and business controls. […]

The Economic Reality: Prudent IT Purchases Focus on Value

Like Kevin, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road meeting with SailPoint customers and prospects. During these meetings, I have the pleasure of hearing firsthand perspectives on how companies are addressing immediate identity and security needs, while trying to survive a very difficult economy. Managing the IT […]

“Thwarting an Internal Hacker” – Monitor Access, Not Employees

I just read a Wall Street Journal article by Bruce Schneier, the CTO of BT and a renowned security author. The piece, “Thwarting an Internal Hacker,” is timely given recent security breaches hitting the news (including Heartland Payment Systems and Fannie Mae, which he references) coupled with the economy. I’ve […]

The Importance of Managing User Access in Today’s Economy

Today’s brutal economy is producing a perfect storm for massive insider threats. Shotgun mergers on a grand scale, which historically would take months of due diligence to complete, are happening over the weekend. Staggering levels of layoffs are being announced weeks before they’re being executed, leaving employees in a state […]