Opinión de Mark

Innovation: Delivering Unique Value to Our Customers

As a startup, innovation is second nature. It’s the essence of the business, and it’s exactly what we set out to do when we first created SailPoint more than ten years ago. We began with a promise to deliver innovation to our customers as part of our core values. But […]

Ten Years Later: How our “Four I” Values Have (or Haven’t!) Changed

I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years now (check out that gray hair in my picture on our website!), and in my experience I’ve learned a lot about what it takes for a company to succeed and grow. Now you may be thinking it’s surely all about the right product […]

The Three Best Pieces of Entrepreneurial Advice I’ve Received

This column was originally published on Entrepreneur.com on 8/26/2016. Inspiration can come from all kinds of sources – a book, a poem, a motivational poster, or even from another entrepreneur who has already blazed the trail. The best inspiration sparks a thought-provoking discussion which can lead to more innovation, a […]

4 Tips for Maintaining Cultural DNA During High Growth

This column was originally published on Entrepreneur.com on September 6, 2016. While they can’t always be computed using typical business metrics, I’ve always maintained that a company’s success is in large part due to a strong corporate culture. This magic ingredient means creating an environment in which your employees want to […]

Welcome to the Big Leagues: Scale Your Business Effectively

As the company has begun to achieve fairly significant scale and continuing growth, we’ve found that our attention is primarily focused on competing the 800-pound gorillas in our market. This is driven by two key factors: our prospective and current customers are comparing us to them; and/or their marketing and […]

3 Tips for Transforming a Startup Into a Global Success Story

This column was originally published on Entrepreneur.com on August 18, 2016.  Driving a startup company from infancy into a high-growth and profitable global company has taken on mythical proportions in the tech industry. Many dream the dream of launching the next Google or Facebook. It has never been so promising […]

Growing Pains: The Right Talent for Expansion

Growing a company can be an incredibly challenging process, as a weak recruitment strategy can lead to reactive hiring or major gaps in a talent pool. At SailPoint we built our team from the top down to ensure we were getting the best and brightest leadership team possible. Our founding […]

Beyond Breakfast Tacos: Keeping Your Culture as You Expand

Over the years, I’ve seen many startups go through a checklist to create what they perceive as “culture.” But building a strong company culture is not just about pool tables and breakfast tacos; it’s more about fostering great relationships between people and encouraging them to excel – ultimately, it’s about […]

A Challenge of Growth: How to Attract the Right Talent

No matter how great your market is and no matter how impressive your technology is, companies who don’t bring in great people will fail over time, every time. This is why attracting the right talent is crucial to any company’s growth strategy. Before thinking about recruiting, it’s critical to first […]

Building a Community-Minded Company

One of my top priorities as an entrepreneur has always been to build a giving-oriented company that serves as an example of what it means to be invested in the community. This is a topic I’m passionate about, as I believe doing good helps the community and feeds a positive […]