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How Corporate Culture Can Make (Or Break) Your Organization

As the entrepreneurial bug bites more people and money floods into technology startups, the buzz about company culture continues to get louder. Whether it’s nap pods, private chefs, indoor tree houses or over-the-top parties, tech companies are pulling out all of the stops in hopes of creating the coolest corporate […]

What Makes a Company a Best Place to Work?

What makes a company a best place to work? In the tech industry, being a “best place to work” is sometimes equated with how much free food and craft beer is offered. Or a hearty “yes!” to questions like, “Does the office have a ping pong table and bring-your-dog-to-work policy?” […]

How to Choose a Winning Team

There’s a reason why people are often referred to as “human capital.” People are invaluable assets in today’s business world. When those at the helm of your organization are running full speed ahead to meet and exceed business goals, you have no choice but to trust your people to get […]

People, Culture And Market: Three Keys To Building A Company With Staying Power

For anyone who has followed high-tech for the last few decades, building a lasting company in this industry is not easy or common. As a longtime entrepreneur, I’ve seen many promising companies stumble and fall in my tenure. So few are built to stand the test of time. In fact, […]

The CEO Book Club: Building and Keeping Your High-Tech Team

Over the course of my career, I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two, and one of those things is that if you’re going to be successful, you have to commit yourself to never stop learning. Whether you’re in your first job out of college or the […]

Top 5 Attributes of a Winning Leadership Team

It’s become pretty well known that we have a winning team at SailPoint. We’re consistently voted one of Austin’s best places to work; we have exceptional employee retention (especially for the tech industry); and people just plain like working here. We strive to ensure each new employee we hire fits […]

People Drive Success

In our industry, the word identity is thrown around a lot. At SailPoint, identity is not just an industry term, but a critical part of our core values as a company. SailPoint has gone from less than 100 employees to almost 700 around the world in a relatively short span […]

Impact: Measuring Results Not Activity

From the very beginning at SailPoint, our founding team wanted to ensure that all the people on our team would be measured not by how much activity they generated, but by the impact of that activity on the company’s success.  Many of us had been in larger organizations where there […]

Hitting the Company Performance Trifecta

SailPoint, like most companies, is constantly focused on the trifecta of company performance metrics – high growth, strong profitability and scale. It’s one thing to be focused on them; it’s another to execute successfully and deliver on these factors in combination. It’s easy to be successful in two out of […]

Integrity: Empowering Our Employees to Do the Right Thing

As you’ve seen in my previous blog posts, SailPoint’s core values are not just lip service. They’re a way of life for us, and I’m positive they’re a key ingredient in our continued success. This is certainly true for our core value of integrity. Initially, we had a lively discussion […]